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Your Pregnancy Week 26

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Your Baby

Pregnancy Week 26 Your baby's developed oil and sweat glands are now functioning. His fingernails, toenails, eyebrows and eyelashes are now fully present and will continue to grow until birth. He can respond to sound and can hear you and those around you. Although we assume the uterus is a quiet place, the baby has been surrounded by noise for a long time. Things like your heartbeat, digestion, other body functions and external noises are heard by the baby. In fact, you may feel... Read More

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Your Body

Pregnancy Week 26 As your baby continues to grow you will often find yourself with aches and pains from the pressure. These include back pain, pelvic pain and even pain in your sides or ribs. The best thing to do when this happens is to change your position or move around for a little while. Often, your movement is enough to cause baby to move thus releasing the pressure and relieving the pain.

Finding a comfortable position for sleeping may feel like Mission Impossible! Between all the time spent going from the bed to the bathroom or kitchen, you are going to need to get as much rest as possible. If you need to, invest in a body pillow to help you get into a comfortable position. It will also help in supporting your legs and growing belly. Also, don't be afraid to nap during the day if you need to.

Your fundal height has reached approximately 2 to 2 1/2 inches above your navel... Read More

Early Pregnancy Questions

Babies Online Members in their 26th week of pregnancy have commonly asked the following questions:

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