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BabiesOnline Articles

100 Most Popular Baby Names for the year 2003

Rank Male name Number males Female name Number females 1 Jacob 29195 Emily 25494 2 Michael 26991 Emma 22532 3 Joshua 24950 Madison 19986 4 Matthew 23706 Hannah 17393 5 Andrew 21852 Olivia 15982 6 Joseph 21265 Abigail 15789 7 Ethan 21206 Alexis 14659 8 Daniel 20947 Ashley 14402 9 Christopher 20781 Elizabeth 13927 10 […]

Ready For My Close Up

The average size of a newborn baby is anywhere from six to eight pounds, give or take.  That’s pretty small considering how big that little baby will grow.  Soon he’ll be a toddler getting into everything, then a highly inquisitive preschooler following you around asking “why?” non-stop, and suddenly you find you’re having conversations about […]

Most Popular Baby Names of the 1930’s

This page presents the top 1000 given names for births in the 1930’s. The data comes from a 5% sampling of Social Security card applications with dates of birth from January 1930 through December 1939. All names which occurred at least five times in the sample are included in the table below. The total number […]

Milestone Photography

Children grow up way too fast.  One day they are cooing in your arms, the next they master crawling and before you know it they are taking those miraculous first steps. It’s bittersweet when it happens, too. That’s why documenting those precious baby milestones, with your camera, is so vital. It’s important to preserve the stage he or […]

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