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Sweet Dreams

A sleeping baby is a heavenly sight.  When my husband and I had our first baby we would often find ourselves standing over his crib, watching him sleep.  I found myself looking at our perfect baby boy, then at my husband, and a feeling of peace and serenity soon washed over me.   Three months later […]

Tips for Photographing Tricky Toddlers

Whether they are not wanting to come back inside from playtime for a nap or are refusing to take medicine, toddlers can be a tricky bunch. Their mind is set and they can be the most stubborn of creatures. Sometimes we call it the “terrible twos” but maybe we should change that to the “terrible […]

100 Most Popular Baby Names for the year 2004

Rank Male name Number males Female name Number females 1 Jacob 27,727 Emily 24,897 2 Michael 25,258 Emma 21,511 3 Joshua 24,020 Madison 20,534 4 Matthew 22,727 Olivia 16,026 5 Ethan 22,112 Hannah 15,510 6 Andrew 21,576 Abigail 15,357 7 Daniel 20,838 Isabella 14,940 8 William 20,104 Ashley 14,311 9 Joseph 19,954 Samantha 13,697 10 […]

Thank You Notes from Expectant Moms

If you’re like many adults, the last time you wrote a thank you card may have been after your wedding. Now here you are, pregnant, hormonal and so big you’re about to pop, and you have a large list of baby shower attendees and gift-givers to thank. This is only the start—you’ll receive presents after […]

Fall Time Fun

Leaves are changing from green to yellow, orange, and red. Soon they will fall and piles will be made for raking (or playing in.) The sun is also lower in the sky and the light that shines at sunset, on the brilliantly colored leaves, is absolutely spectacular. The air is crisper and it’s time to […]

Most Popular Baby Names of the 1940’s

This page presents the top 1000 given names for births in the 1940’s. The data comes from a 5% sampling of Social Security card applications with dates of birth from January 1940 through December 1949. All names which occurred at least five times in the sample are included in the table below. The total number […]

Sibling Bonds

Pregnancy is a special time, but sharing pregnancy and the birth of a baby with a sibling can present something extraordinary to parents and family. The bonds formed by brothers and sisters start early and the memories made, when documented through photography, can be fondly looked back on over time; especially when the fun times […]

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