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Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid if You Are Pregnant

Food and the pregnant woman… either the thought of it makes you hurl, or you can’t get enough of it, or you get woken up at 4 a.m. with cravings for nachos with jelly, or someone is telling you no! you can’t eat that! It’s actually really important for pregnant women to be┬ácareful about food […]

High Chair Hygiene

Meal times are a time of learning and exploration for babies and toddlers. Not only are they exposed to a variety of new textures, but to tastes and smells as well. While your baby is still eating purees from the spoon, fewer messes are to be expected; once he or she graduates to finger or […]

What is Pregnancy Rhinitis?

Some of us breeze through pregnancy without any issues while others are textbook; we have every symptom known to occur during pregnancy. One little discussed condition that affects some pregnant women is pregnancy rhinitis or rhinitis of pregnancy. What is Pregnancy Rhinitis? This refers to the stuffy, uncomfortable nasal condition that afflicts many pregnant women […]

Placenta Previa Seen at the 20 Week Ultrasound

One of the most common problems spotted at the 20 week ultrasound is placenta previa. Placenta previa is where the placenta is nearby, or actually covering some or all of the cervix. It’s a potentially dangerous condition because if the placenta covers the cervix, it blocks baby’s way out, requiring a cesarean section to deliver […]

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