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BabiesOnline Articles

Inducing Labor

Sometimes, due to health or other concerns, labor must be induced, or artificially started. Labor inducement can be a long process and induced labor is slightly different than “regular” labor. Labor can be induced using a variety of methods. Check with your provider to determine which method they prefer to use. Some practitioners prefer to […]

Bedwetting: What Can You Do About It?

My son and his best friend have been bugging us for months, their moms, to arrange a sleep over. The boys are keen, the moms aren’t. “Why not, mom?”, asked the two 6-year olds. “Because you guys are not yet ready for a sleep over.” The thing is, my son is ready but his friend […]

Have Perfect Vision During Your Pregnancy

During the nine months of your pregnancy, your body will go through many changes. Some will be immediately noticeable, such as an increased body mass index (BMI), but others will not be equally visible, such as the swelling of the eyes. All of these changes are usually part of a normal pregnancy, as your body […]

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