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What is the Babymoon Period?

The babymoon period is that time during the first few weeks of a baby’s life when mom and dad fall madly in love with this cute little bundle of joy that they created. Its’ name is taken from “honeymoon” which is a time when a couple is happy, life is perfect, and normal marital everyday issues have not arisen yet.

what-is-the-baby-moon-period.jpgWhen your baby is a newborn he probably doesn’t do much besides sleep. He awakens periodically to eat or get his diaper changed, but for the most part is awake very little and doesn’t interact much. This period can last generally from 2 weeks to one month of age.

Eventually the babymoon period will come to an end. Parents will still be in love with their babies, and the babies will bring a lot of love and laughter to the home, however, the baby may also bring tears. A quick way to bring an end to the babymoon period is with the appearance of colic in a baby. Even some babies who do not have colic may be gassy or just fussy, making it increasingly harder to get things done, and causing some frustration in parents because they can’t figure out what is wrong with their baby.

The babymoon is also referred too as a last little vacation for mom and dad before the baby comes or a time when new parents can break away from the baby for a short time, either for dinner, or a night at a hotel, just for themselves. It is important that new parents have this time together in order to focus on each other. It is too easy for new parents to lose focus of their relationship and not give time to improve on it.

Whenever your babymoon period starts and ends enjoy it. It won’t last forever, and in many cases it won’t last long enough. Soon the reality of a new baby will hit both mom and dad, along with the sleepless nights, and long tiring days.

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Valerie Green
8 years 3 months ago

You need to know when to use “to” versus “too”. Please correct your spelling – you have this mistake in every article.

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