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Breastfed Baby Poop

Being a parent is full of trial and error, as well as laughs, tears and groans. Some of those laughs, tears and groans will belong to your baby. One of the many things new moms are worried about regarding their breastfed baby’s is their baby’s poop. Is it too runny, is it the right color, does he go often enough, and is he constipated? These are all questions that new moms will find themselves asking at some point.

breastfed-baby-poop.jpgSolid vs. Runny
Breastfed baby stool can be all different consistencies, but it is very rarely solid and hard. Normally it is thin and runny, runny enough that many will wonder if their baby has diarrhea. Most of the time the answer is no, however if seems runnier than normal or gets a very distinct smell to it, you should call your pediatrician to make sure it is normal.

The normal color of breastfed baby poop is a mustardy yellow color. However early on when mixed with meconium it can be dark black to any shade of green. Once the meconium is gone it is likely that your baby’s stool will change shades if you eat a large amount of a food or a food that is heavily colored. Some say that if mom eats a lot of salad, and then nurses her baby her baby’s poop may end up green. Also, once your baby starts eating baby food his poop will probably change to reflect the food he is eating. When he eats carrots, his poop may look orange; if he ate peas it could be green. The coloring of your baby’s poop will change constantly as your baby’s diet changes and as he gets older.

Some breastfed babies will have a bowel movement with almost every diaper change. Others will have one only once or twice a day. Either one is normal for a breastfed baby. It is also common for a breastfed baby to go a couple of days without having a bowel movement. If your baby has not had a bowel movement for a long period of time and you are concerned about it be sure to call and ask your baby’s doctor.

Newborns in general will make a lot of noise when trying to have a bowel movement. This is because they are learning how to use the muscles that control pushing and holding in the poo. Until they are proficient at controlling these muscles they may grunt and groan a lot sounding like they are constipated. As long as your baby is going on their own and it is not hard, then they are probably not constipated. If you are unsure however or worried about it be sure to ask your pediatrician at your next well-check.

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