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When Does Your Body Start Producing Breast Milk?

Breastfeeding is an amazing, natural occurrence that women have been practicing since the beginning of time as a way to feed their babies. A woman’s breasts have milk glands in them which are activated by pregnancy and begin the process of producing breast milk almost as soon as a woman gets pregnant.

when-does-your-body-start-producing-breastmilk.jpgOne of the early signs of pregnancy is sore, painful breasts. For many women they will notice a dramatic increase in the size of their breasts early in the first trimester. The milk glands are a cluster of cells high up in your breast. When you have your baby and deliver the placenta, the estrogen and progesterone levels in your body decrease and the hormone prolactin will rise signaling these glands to produce and to send milk down to milk ducts.

However, some people report leakage from the areola prior to delivery of their baby. This yellowish leakage is called colostrum and can begin as early as the second trimester for some women, and not till after delivery for others. The colostrum is the first food your baby will get and the most important as it is full of antibodies to help protect and strengthen your baby’s immune system.

So when does your body actually start producing milk? It just depends on how you look at it. What do you consider the first step in production? If it is when the glands are triggered to start their job it is early in the first trimester. If it is when you first notice colostrum then it would occur at whatever point your body started leaking it, possibly in the second trimester, often not till birth. If it is when the white milk starts to flow then it happens within your baby’s first 72 hours of life. Have no fear though. Breasts were made for the sole purpose of feeding our children and in most cases will do their job and the milk will come when it is needed the most.

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56 Comments on "When Does Your Body Start Producing Breast Milk?"

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2 years 9 months ago

If you are on birth control…you can still get pregnant…the only thing birth control really does, is reduce the possibility of pregnancy! I know this and I’m 13! Not to be mean but, dumb blonde much

2 years 10 months ago

i am 37 weeks and have had a leakage problem since my second trimester i haven’t even delivered yet and still everytime a baby around me cries i leak is this normal??? this is my third child and i didn’t produce with either of my first two

2 years 11 months ago

hello . .im already 8 m0nths pregnant but i still d0n’t have milk. this is my first pregnancy. what will i do?

2 years 11 months ago

I breastfeed all 4 of my children every pregnancy is different. Sonrthings ive seen calustum before I delivered and sometimes not depending how my body reacts to my pregnancy. Just because you are lactating in one breast doesn’t mean something is wrong I sometime mean when having sex you husband or guy love your breast lol take care

3 years 3 months ago

My wife is 11 weeks pregnant, she’s just observing that milking is coming out from her nipples, is it normal?

3 years 7 months ago

I’m almost 30weeks my nipples sore and today looked like mastitis came out of one nipple but I’m not producing any milk yet what should i do i am a dairy farmer so i know what cows mastitis looks like is it similar with women

Carter jnr
3 years 7 months ago

Please can milk start producing 3day of pregnancy, my girlfriend was seeing white discharge from her nipples after meeting with her on her ovulation period. Please help oh!!!

[…] When Does Your Body Start Producing … – … sex its clear that i am not pregnant. Should i go to … my nipples felt a little sore … pregnant before she could start leaking milk? On … […]

3 years 8 months ago

i am 5 weeks and for some reason milk was coming out and i don’t even know if that is possible please help

3 years 8 months ago

I’m 8 months along. And still my boobs have no mlik. Sould I worry

3 years 9 months ago

i am pregnent of 32 weeks, but milk does not comes out. what will i do????

3 years 9 months ago

Im 16 weeks pregnant, i was wondering why their is a milk coming out into my breast . Is it normal?

3 years 11 months ago

I had my daughter a year Ago I produced milk but didnt breastfeed….since I had her a week or too later I had no more milk…now all of the sudden my breast are becoming sore..and today I noticed milk coming out..but im also on birth control does anyone know what this means?

4 years 20 days ago

I have a problem with my period days from the start .so I won’t know that I am pregnant or not its been 4weeks and 3 days know and my head spins after a sat for 10min andthe tip of my breast hurts .am I really pregnant??? Any comment might help

4 years 1 month ago

Vandy–discharge from one breast when you are not pregnant is not normal. You should go to the doctor.

4 years 2 months ago

hey I am 21years old…i have noticed on alternate days milk is coming from left breast but its been months i dint had sex its clear that i am not pregnant. Should i go to doctor or its just harmonal changes

4 years 5 months ago

Hii i am 25 yrs …n got married 1 year ago…we are taking all the precautions but
Instantly i noticed that my breast is producing milk.. I
Was wondered why is happening because i didn’t get my periods yet this month?
So is that why because i am pregnant?

4 years 7 months ago

I had my first child 8months ago breast fed him for 61/2months and stoped…..was taking low dose bc pill and stoped it…. im 10days late on my periodive done 3 test and it shows negative but my breast have milk again could i be pregnant?

4 years 7 months ago

I had my IUD removed about 3 weeks ago, and when I got out of the shower this morning, my nipples felt a little sore, and when I squeezed the breast, some liquid came out. I stopped breastfeeding my first baby about 7 months ago. Is it possible that I am pregnant? Everything I’ve read online says you don’t begin to produce colostrum until about 16 weeks.

4 years 9 months ago

Had test done come back negative but boobs are getting milk is it possible that I may be pregnant.

4 years 11 months ago

HI. I have a 1 week newborn but the milk coming is pretty limited. In what quantities can i expect the milk to be produced at this stage? I am concerned at my baby staying too hungry.

5 years 8 months ago

Hello, I’m a mom of now 2 and my newborn is now almost. 2 weeks old and I feel like my breasts have stopped producing colostrum, because my baby girl went from eating normally with no problem to, not being fully satisfied and eats like crazy and so much till she spits up, I feel this isn’t normal? My son never spit up when I breast fed him…

5 years 8 months ago

Does breast leak withing a month?

5 years 9 months ago

I’m 34 weeks and I still haven’t produce any milk I am a little worried. What will I do?

5 years 11 months ago

Im 25 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. Today i noticed that i was producing milk. But is it normal that it is bright yellow?
Also is it normal to have allot of discharge??

6 years 2 months ago

I’m 32 weeks but still I don’t have milk . What will
I do?

6 years 2 months ago

im 8 months pregnant but i still dont have milk . what will i do ?

6 years 3 months ago

I’m 36 weeks and still no milk, this is my first pregnancy so I’ve been looking it up and i see it all just depends on your body so I’m relieved. I thought somthin was wrong.

6 years 4 months ago

This is my first pregnancy and i am almost in my 13th week and i am already starting to produce milk. So glad im not alone! I was starting to think something was wrong

7 years 1 month ago

I had atubal ligation 8 years ago. I have been feeling “pregnant” for about 2 months now and I noticed a milky discharge from my breast. What does this mean? My period has also been for a shorter time the past 2 months.

7 years 3 months ago

Pregnant with my second child. I am 12 weeks and I have milk coming in is that normal????

7 years 10 months ago

my wife’s breast just started leaking could she be pregnant shes 39 and had two children before, her menstruation not due for another week or so

7 years 11 months ago

do u guys think its a problem that i had my nipples pierced? i took the piercings out about a year and a hlaf ago and im 12 weeks pregnant today with my first child…. im pretty sure the holes are still open a little bit… but is there going to be an issue with breast feeding? bcuz my mother breast fed me and my sisters and my sister breast fed her 7 kids as much as she could… suggestions will help!!! thnx

8 years 1 month ago

I know most of these comments are older but wanted to share. With my first baby my milk didn’t come in until about the 5th or 6th day after giving birth. Also, the mommy’s milk tea they sell at walmart is amazing! It really does help. You can also talk to your doc about taking fenugreek tablets-the same thing the tea is made from. My sister used those and loved them! And for any leakage the breastpads work great for that.

8 years 2 months ago

i am 21 weeks and 3 days and my breasts started leaking lastnite…….now wat do i do

8 years 3 months ago

would like to no if i will already be producing milk now??? i am 15wks pregnant with my 4th,i only gave birth to my 3rd 6 and half mths ago????

8 years 3 months ago

Iam 9 days away from my due date & I have had no leaking what so ever, your article really helped, I was worried I might not have been producing milk. glad it can start once I give birth. Thanks!!

8 years 3 months ago

I never made any milk with first pregnancy, or colostrum. i tried healthy nutrition, mother’s milk tea, and breast pumping. None of these things ever worked. My doc says it has a lot to do with the person’s situation. If mom is stressed or not feeling connected the baby, it’s very difficult. I am now pregnant with my second and 11 weeks along, and my milk ducts have began opening. Formula is great if mom isn’t able.

8 years 3 months ago

pls help me, my first pregnancy i dnt get milk till my baby died and now am having some few weeks. can this raspberry tea leaf produce milk faster or any other help pls. thank you

8 years 4 months ago

Must my wife get pregnant before she could start leaking milk?

8 years 4 months ago

can ur breast leaking even though u a nt pregnant?

8 years 4 months ago

i’m 27weeks pregnant and i was wondering if anything should be happening by now.. but i feel a lot more comforted now after ive read this article. thank u….

but for those that are having problems with producing the milk, I’ve heard that Vervine bush tea is great to start

8 years 9 months ago

To those who already gave birth and dnt have colostrum yet,I suggest you guys to let your husband suck ur breasts until milk comes out..just to stimulate milk..maybe it will help..just try.

8 years 9 months ago

I am 11wks pregnant and my breasts are not any bigger or tender. This is my 6th child. I wonder because I have had so many that it wont happen until nearly the end. Any clues

8 years 9 months ago

I am 24 weeks pregnant and i am not leaking anything yet. This is my first pregnancy so i think it might take longer to leak cuz my sister is 27 weeks and pregnant with her third child and shes leaking alot of colostrum

gajanan parab
8 years 10 months ago

please give me suggestion for my wife after pregnacy, her milk is not coming out and baby always cries for milk, so im worried of this problem so pls give some suggestions. baby is only of 23 days. so pls im waiting for you suggesstions.

8 years 10 months ago

Well, this is my third day after birth so I hope it starts to flow. Up until last night, only a little bit was coming out. If I squeeze it, nothing comes out. However, if my baby sucks on it hard enough it will come out but he seems to stop shortly after, probably because there is not enough or possibly my milk is not flowing as it should?

9 years 1 month ago

I am less than 8 weeks away from giving birth and haven’t even noticed any colostrum leaking yet (kinda happy about it!) but was kinda worried that I wasn’t producing the way I should. I’m happy to know that I may not until after he is born! Thanks a lot!

9 years 3 months ago

my breasts started to leak the colostrum on week 26, at first i was afraid, i thought it was something bad, but now i know…

9 years 4 months ago

I used the raspberry leave tea as suggested by one reader, started leaking within 2 days!

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