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Build Your Baby’s Self Esteem

If you want your baby to grow up to be a confident adult, you must start working on building his self esteem from infancy. It isn’t hard to do and not only will it help your baby, but it will bring reward and happiness to your life as well. Here are some suggestions of things you can do to help your baby build his self esteem.

build-your-babys-selfesteem.jpgTalk to Your Baby
Get right down to your child’s level and talk to her. Even little babies love face-to-face interaction. Talk about whatever you and she are doing, whether it be changing a diaper or eating dinner. Respond to her babbles and coos, as you would in a conversation with an adult. Not only will she learn language patterns, but she’ll feel like an important part of the family.

Let Your Baby Help You
Little ones love to feel their contributions matter. When your older baby is in his high chair or sitting at the table, give him some green beans to put in the bowl or a spoon to stir the pasta salad. Walking children can help unload the dryer or carry a dirty towel to the washing machine. All of these little achievements help him feel big!

“Help” Your Baby Succeed
When you and your baby are working on any of these tasks, don’t rush in to finish the job for him. Help guide them along. If he’s frustrated with the puzzle, lay the piece close to where it goes so he can just slide it in. If he’s just learning how to pick things up, turn the piece so it’s easier to grasp. Look for these little ways to help your child learn.

Distract Your Baby
Something to look at may make your baby forget why he was crying, at least for a while. Bright, colorful patterns may fascinate him. He will often gaze intently at postcards, wallpaper, or your clothes. Faces and mirrors are also excellent distractions, and a walk around the house to look at photographs or to peer into a mirror may calm him.

Assign Easy Tasks
Be sure tasks aren’t too big or discouraging. Instead of asking a little one to pick up twenty cereal bits off her tray, just put down five. Instead of working on a whole puzzle at once, do a piece or two. For children just learning to stack, let them pile on just a couple of cups – don’t try to do it all at once. That will only increase frustration levels for both of you.

Copy Your Baby
Babies learn a great deal by mirroring other behaviors. However, it is just as fun for them to be “in control” and for you to mimic what they are doing. If he says “Dada,” repeat it back. Make it a game and let him lead the way. He’ll feel more confident knowing that he can make those little decisions in his play.

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