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Diaper Rash

When you have a new baby the nurses probably put on the first diaper and maybe even change a diaper or two before you are given the opportunity to go at it on your own. Many first time parents sit in the hospital room with their new baby and just look at each other when it is time to change their baby’s diaper for the first time. A lot of times the mother is sure she can do it, while the father sits there looking dumbfounded, not having a clue. There are steps that both parents can take to help make diaper changing whether it is the first one, or their 100th. It is bound to happen eventually. No matter how quickly you clean your baby’s bottom and how much cream you put on, your baby will more than likely get a diaper rash. Diaper rashes can come in various forms and degrees of severity. There are solutions to help stop and cure what can become diaper rash madness.

diaper-rash.jpgWhat Causes Them?
Diaper rashes can be caused by a number of different things. It can be caused because a baby is left in a wet or dirty diaper for a long period of time. It can also however be a reaction that your baby may have to milk, citrus fruits, and other baby food. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby is allergic to what you are feeding them; it may just be that it doesn’t go out as easily as it goes in. When your baby is sick and has diarrhea, they can easily get diaper rash just from one bowel movement.

How Severe Can It Get?
Diaper rashes can resemble anything from a little redness to a bum that is broken open, red and bleeding. Your baby may have a rash that covers his butt, or it may be centralized to one area. It might be red, or have bumps resembling blisters, or actually be blistered. In the worst cases it can get bloody and pussy, or turn into a yeast infection which may need prescription medication to be treated.

How Do You Get Rid of It?
Sometimes getting rid of diaper rash can be simple, other times it may take a few days. There are a lot of different diaper rash creams and gels on the market that contain zinc oxide from companies like Desitin, Aveeno and Balmex, one company even makes a cream calls “Butt Paste”. Vaseline can also be used to help cure and prevent diaper rash. Although no longer recommended by all pediatricians, some will tell you to put baby powder on your child when you change his diaper to help keep him dry. Be sure to consult your child’s’ pediatrician to see what he recommends.

In more severe cases of diaper rash, where the creams just don’t seem to get rid of it, try placing your baby in a bath consisting of water and baking soda. The baking soda can help aid in drying out your baby’s rash and healing it. If your baby is bleeding and pussy, or if you just want a second opinion, do not hesitate to call your pediatrician to have your baby looked at.

How Can You Prevent It
You may not be able to always prevent diaper rashes. In the case of it being related to a food your baby eats or drinks, like orange juice when he is a toddler, all you can do to avoid it is eliminate that food from your baby’s diet. In order to prevent diaper rash in general though try to check and change your baby’s diaper frequently, not leaving him in an overly wet or poopy diaper any longer than necessary. Use the creams and gels as a preventative measure, instead of just as a treatment. Try making sure that your baby’s skin is completely dry before putting on a diaper, so that the wetness does not get on the diaper and lay against your baby’s skin.

If your baby gets a diaper rash when you first introduce a new food, try to not give him that food till the diaper rash has cleared. If the baby gets a rash when you introduce it again, then you will know that the food does not agree with your baby and you will be able to steer clear from that, and other foods that contain the same ingredient. The last thing you can try is changing the brand of diapers and wipes you use to see if that makes a difference.

When In Doubt…
If you are not sure if your baby has an allergy, a rash, or how severe his rash is, don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician and have your baby seen. That is their job and they may even have more recommendations to help you heal your baby’s butt.

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5 years 9 months ago

I’ve successfully prevented diaper rashes by using plain old Vaseline. After cleaning with a wipe, just make sure everything is dry, and apply a small coating of Vaseline to prevent wetness from touching the baby skin.

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