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The 411 on Natural Colic Remedies

By Jacqueline Courtiol, M.A. Ed.

Any parent whose baby has suffered from colic can tell you that colic is one of the most excruciating experiences ever imaginable. Nothing is worse than seeing one’s baby in pain and not being able to help take it away. Finding relief for colic quickly becomes a top priority. There are many different colic remedies that may come to the rescue for your particular baby. Each baby is unique and may only respond to some or a combination of colic remedies. Unfortunately, parents may have to use the old trial and error method to determine which provide the greatest amount of relief for their little colic sufferer. One thing is certain…the days of “waiting it out” are long gone for those determined to find an answer. There is no need to suffer needlessly along with baby. If you’ve tried all proper feeding and burping techniques and baby is still crying, try the following list of the most effective remedies available:

#1 Music / Sound – Traditional lullabies, classical music composed for infants and heartbeat/womb CDs are very popular external remedies that relax many babies suffering from colic. You can find some particularly good ones at the SlumberSounds web site. Some parents have had great success by placing baby in carseat on top of running dishwasher, washing machine, dryer or near running vacuum cleaner. A gentle “shhhhhhh”ing sound in baby’s ear can work magic, as can soft whispers and humming or singing.

#2 Diet – Bottlefed babies with colic may show improvement if switched to a different formula, such as soy. The mothers of breastfed babies may have to pay close attention to their own diet to make sure that babies are not having negative reactions to certain foods. Try eliminating the following common culprits one at a time for a week to see if there are any signs of improvement for baby: dairy, caffeine, chocolate and gas-producing foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, peppers, melons, tomatoes, citrus fruits, beans and peanuts.

#3 Gripe Water – Be sure to check the ingredients before buying a gripe water. Many claim to be natural but include artificial ingredients and preservatives. Colicky infants’ digestive systems certainly do not need any of these potential irritants. Some gripe waters are not very helpful. There is a new, very effective and safe gripe water on the market called ColicCalm, which you can purchase online at Colic Calm Gripe Water. It has the highest success rate on the market.

#4 Warm Aromatherapy Bath / Massage – Add a few drops of lavender to a warm bath and follow with the soothing touch of massage. Focus massage on the tummy area to relieve painful trapped gas. You can research baby massage techniques on the web or pick up a book on the subject. A good one to try is The Practical Art of Baby Massage by Peter Walker. You can buy lovely lavender, chamomile and fennel massage oils specifically designed for baby massage on the Web. There is also a popular baby massage tool called “Snukkles” which may work well for you.

#5 Swaddling – Babies are often soothed when swaddled or held close to a parents chest and heartbeat since they are reminiscent of the comfort and safety of the womb. Newborn babies are soothed in nurseries with swaddling. Techniques on folding soft, stretchy blankets are easy to learn. Find instructions and diagrams online or pick up a book/ magazine on the topic. A good ready-made wrap to try is “Swaddleme”, easy to find on the Web.

#6 Motion – Walking, rocking and movement are very comforting to most infants. The good old rocking chair may be all it takes. Some parents have been known to push stroller or drive around in car until baby falls asleep. Try putting baby in an infant chest carrier or sling so that your hands can be free. Walk with baby facing down across arm with hand under abdomen, applying gentle pressure. This position is often referred to as “the colic hold”. Many babies like to be outdoors. Almost all babies love swings. Try a combination of the above to see what helps soothe baby the best.

About the Author:
After experiencing colic firsthand, it fast became this mother and educators mission to conduct extensive research on colic towards finding a solution. This article outlines some useful techniques including music, motion, swaddling, gripe water, and diet.

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9 Comments on "The 411 on Natural Colic Remedies"

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8 years 4 months ago

We about drove the tread off a set of tires before we realized it wasn’t the car that helped our baby fall asleep, but the constant noise. We found Sleepy Bee ( that is a cute stuffed bee with 2 levels of soothing ocean sounds. He attaches to most everything and takes care of the constant noise while it drowns our the loud world. Works beautifully.

8 years 6 months ago

Great information regarding colic. Hope parents are more aware on how they can relieve colic sickness on their babies.

[…] any parents who have a baby with colic check this out August 13th, 2010 No Responses Posted in […]

9 years 8 days ago

Has anybody tried the bowen technique for babies? It works like a charm!! Our babe loves it and always sleeps so much better after it!

9 years 1 month ago

Very nice article. I want to add a remedy here that not many mothers and specialists are aware of. My baby’s nurse had recommended adding almond butter to my diet but only one where the almonds’ outer brown layers had been removed before grinding. I tried “Almondie” and it worked wonders. I took about 2-3 spoonfuls of it a day and my little guy was much calmer. (it’s also kosher which was nice…)

10 years 25 days ago

A nurse told me to try a natural product called gurdy water which contains the herb fennel. (very good for the gastrointestinal system) I haven’t tried it yet but im going to asap. Colic sucks and i cant stand seeing my daughter in pain. These are some great suggestions, im going to try the colic calm too.

10 years 7 months ago

I got this nice product from GNLD that worked wonders!Its called aloe vera drink. you take a spoonful and mix with a spoon of warm water and give to baby twice or thrice a day. its so nice. it has a calming effect too. What i also found out is that i combined several things. When baby got cranky i would play soft music, sing along to it softly and hold her softly but firmly on my chest, she would easily burp and relax.

10 years 7 months ago

Nice round-up of remedies! I realize that baby-wearing, or wearing baby in a sling may not be for everyone but when my baby was a colicky infant, wearing him close in a sling (so he could hear my heart, as when in the womb and feel my breathing and voice), offered instant relief. He was calmed and quieted as soon as I put him in the sling!

10 years 11 months ago

“colic is one of the most excruciating experiences ever imaginable”

What a great description!! very nice article btw. I swear by colic calm for my colicky son, but there are many solutions that parents should try. The big thing is not to sit back and suffer through it, there is a way to solve it, you just have to find it!

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