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Cutting Your Baby’s Fingernails

Cutting your baby’s fingernails can be a nerve-wracking, daunting task. It often seems that as soon as you cut them they need cutting again and normally you have to fight with a wiggling baby in order to get that little bitty nail. New parents often find themselves dumb founded when it comes to knowing HOW they are going to get their newborns nails cut.

cutting-your-babys-finger-nails.jpgPick Your Time
The best time to cut your baby’s nails is when he is most calm. Many people suggest doing it while your baby is in a deep sleep because they will hopefully not move. Sometimes however a baby will wake up or flex making it a close call with the clippers. Others attempt to cut their babies nails while they are distracted, for instance when they are nursing. If your baby is intent on eating his meal, he may not care so much that you are playing with his hand. Your baby’s already soft nails will be softest right after a bath, so cutting them during a nursing session after their bath, before bed may work for some.

Pick Your Tool
There are many different items you can use to cut your baby’s nails. There are small clippers that were invented just for your baby; there are also small, round-tipped scissors that were created to easily cut a baby’s nails. You can even use a file to file down your baby’s nails. It is really an issue of trial and error. You try out each option and figure out which one works best for you and your baby.

Biting Your Baby’s Nails
One way many people “cut” their baby’s nails is by biting them off. Some people say this is easier and safer, reducing all risk of accidentally cutting your baby. It is something that can be done most conveniently during feeding when you can hold your baby’s hand in yours and take care of the task while they are otherwise occupied.

Accidents Happen
Chances are, at least once in your young baby’s life, you will accidentally cut him. He will move right as you are snipping and it will get his skin, or cut the nail too close to the quick. When this happens don’t feel bad about it. Remember, it isn’t the first time this has happened to a baby and it won’t be the last. Babies get over pain very quickly and with a little kissing from you, the cut will be forgotten by your little one. You will probably feel bad about cutting your baby, much longer than your baby will hurt from the cut.

Ask For Help
If you have a particularly wiggly worm, don’t be afraid to wait to cut your baby’s nails until you have someone around to help you with it. You may need someone there to help hold down your baby or distract him while you cut his nails. Keeping your baby’s nails short is important so they don’t hurt themselves, so doing whatever it takes, even if it means waiting for help, is what matters in the end.

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