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Diaper Changing Battles

When your baby was born diaper changing was probably pretty simply and as you got the hang of it, became pretty quick. About the time your baby reaches the halfway point of the first year of his life that may all change. Your baby, who may have once just lain there, letting you do what you needed to do, might start fighting and twisting and turning now as you try to just make him more comfortable.

diaper-changing-battles.jpgThe diaper changing battles generally start not because your baby doesn’t want his butt cleaned or doesn’t want you to change his diaper, but because he is getting bigger and there are bigger and better things he can be doing. Your baby isn’t just lying there anymore, he can now roll, sit and possibly crawl which have all opened up a whole new world to him. He has toys and things to do that are much more exciting than a diaper change, so he figures there is no reason to take a time out!

Diaper changing battles however can become very frustrating for mom and dad. It adds a whole new factor to diapering as now you have to try to use one hand to hold your baby down, leaving you just one hand to do all the dirty work. At times you may have to use both hands to keep your baby from rolling and to lie still so that you can do what should be a 10 second job.

Since your baby is moving so much, it is very important that you stay right there with your baby and keep a hand on him at all times. Your baby could easily fall off the table at this point and it would happen faster than you could react. You may want to start changing your baby’s diapers on a pad on the floor so that you know your baby will be safe and won’t be able to get hurt.

To encourage your baby to lay still and let you change his diaper, offer him a special toy that he can play with during diaper time, or bring his favorite toy, that he is playing with already, with you when possible. Sometimes a little distraction is all you need in order to quickly and smoothly get through the diaper change.

If worse comes to worse and you just can’t get your baby to lie still, let him have a little freedom. Five minutes of sitting, crawling, walking or even running around in his birthday suit will not hurt your baby. This amount of freedom to do what he wants may help him settle down easier when you do decide to put the diaper back on. Just stay near him so if he has an accident you can quickly clean it up, or if you can tell he is about to go that you can quickly lie him on a diaper.

Remember, the diaper changing battles won’t last forever. After a while your baby will realize that all he has to do is lay still and let you do your job and he will be back up and playing with his favorite toys faster than when he fights you. Eventually your nice, easy and quiet diaper changes will come back and the battles will be fewer and farer in between.

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