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Diapering Your Baby

When you have a new baby the nurses probably put on the first diaper and maybe even change a diaper or two before you are given the opportunity to go at it on your own. Many first time parents sit in the hospital room with their new baby and just look at each other when it is time to change their baby’s diaper for the first time. A lot of times the mother is sure she can do it, while the father sits there looking dumbfounded, not having a clue. There are steps that both parents can take to help make diaper changing whether it is the first one, or their 100th.

diapering-your-baby.jpgStep 1: Be prepared before you begin to change the diaper. Have all the items you need together before it is time to change the diaper. Diapers, diaper wipes, cream and powder should all be within arms reach when you start. Once your baby starts rolling it isn’t safe to leave him to get supplies, and before hand you need to be prepared and be fast because babies like to pee on their parents. Being prepared will cut down on clothing changes, for you and for your baby.

Step 2: Create a safe place to change your baby. It is important to have a flat firm place to change your baby. Even newborns can flip themselves off a table just by kicking and moving so make sure that you keep one hand on your baby at all times. Many Pack N Plays now come with build in changing tables, and you can also buy changing tables at your local baby store. Changing tables normally have an area for all the supplies making it convenient.

Step 3: Undress your baby just enough to make it easy to change him. If he is just wearing an onesie unsnap it and pull it up a bit. If he is wearing pants or a one piece outfit remove the bottom part in order to free up the legs. When you can, take off the socks so that your baby doesn’t stick his feet in his dirty diaper, and make sure you have a change of clothes in case he does.

Step 4: When removing one diaper be sure to have another underneath your baby’s bottom or ready to put under there immediately. You will be surprised at how often your baby will decide to pee and poop as soon as you take off his diaper. Also have a diaper wipe or wash cloth ready to cover your baby’s genitalia because you never know when your baby might become a fountain.

Step 5: Use the diaper wipes to clean the baby off well. Especially for a girl who has extra folds; you want to make sure you get every area. On a girl wipe front to back in order to keep from introducing the bacteria into her genitalia which can cause infection.

Step 6: If it is needed put on diaper rash cream. Many pediatricians no longer recommend using baby powder so check with yours and weigh the pros and cons before you decide.

Step 7: The tabs on the diaper should be behind the baby. After your baby is clean pull the front of the diaper up between your baby’s legs and fasten it closed. Not so tight that your baby can’t breathe, but not so loose that it can easily leak.

Step 8: Clean your hands and if necessary the baby’s feet and legs. Diaper wipes are a great cleaning source to have around for more than just cleaning a bottom. Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer at the changing table will help insure that you are able to fight away the infection causing bacteria.

Step 9: Redress your baby, including his socks and be prepared to start all over again soon, as it won’t be long before your baby needs another diaper change.

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