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Organic Baby Food

When it comes time to start feeding your bay something other than breast milk or formula, you turn to stage one foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables. The selection is growing however and baby food producers are adding organic baby food to the choices of food you can feed your baby.

organic-baby-food.jpgYour Baby’s Health
Many parents do not want to introduce their baby to the pesticides and artificial preservatives that are put in fruits and vegetables. They want their baby to be as healthy and pesticide free as possible, and are determined to only give their baby the best. Tests have shown that the pesticides do show up in children and decrease immediately when a child is switched from non-organic fruits and vegetables to organic fruits and vegetables. Long term health benefits are still unknown, but immediate health benefits are high and enough to sway many moms and dads to give their baby organic foods from the start.

Where To Start
Most parents start their children out on rice cereal from the baby food isle. For those that make that choice but want baby food for their baby that is pesticide free, they can choose to start with organic rice cereal. If you are really adventurous you can attempt to make your own organic rice baby food by purchasing organic rice, cooking it per the directions, blending it with breast milk till desired consistency, and serving it to your baby. You can even freeze it in ice cube trays and store it in plastic baggies till you are ready to feed it to your baby.

Organic Fruits and Veggies
After your baby has learned to eat and swallow the baby cereals and it is time to move onto the jarred baby foods, you still have lots of choices in the organic department. There are organic jarred baby foods in all the different stages. Your baby can start out with organic peas, carrots and sweet potatoes for the organic vegetables and organic bananas and apples for the fruits. Organic fruits and vegetables taste the same as the non-organic fruits and vegetables and give your baby a healthier alternative to the already healthy baby food he has begun to eat. As your baby moves up in stages the food changes and more organics are added. As your baby begins to eat table food you can choose organic fruits and vegetables for your table.

Organic foods are the new in “thing” for many families. While they are often a little bit more expensive than your non-organic food, having it available on the supermarket shelves is not only welcome, but convenient.

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