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My Baby Is Putting His Hand In His Mouth!

As your baby grows and learns, they will begin discovering all the new parts of his body. One part of his body he will probably discover by the time he is about three months old is his hand. Every time you look at him you may see him sitting there with his hand in or near his mouth.

my-baby-is-putting-his-hand-in-his-mouth.jpgNow, for a while your baby will be fighting and trying to work that hand all the way in, however he will probably fail as his mouth may be smaller than his hand. This can lead to frustration and fussiness in your baby.

While discovering his hand is a normal occurrence for all babies, it can also be a sign of teething and a way that a baby begins to sooth himself when tired or fussy. If there is a lot of excess drool, it probably means that your baby is starting to teeth and that they are putting pressure on their gums with their fits. If this bothers you try getting a teething toy for your baby to chew on that will help their gums.

If your baby begins putting his hand in his mouth, and then you discover that it has gone from his hand to just his thumb or a couple of fingers it means that your baby has found a way a way to help calm himself down. You should be happy about this as it means you may have some more free time on your hands.

In most cases, unless your baby has been crawling around in an unsanitary environment or outdoors, you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning your baby’s hands constantly. If you keep your floors vacuumed and mopped and your house pretty clean, then there shouldn’t be anything on the floor that could hurt your baby. What you would need to watch for is your baby picking something up off of the floor and putting it in his mouth. If you really think him putting his hand in his mouth is bad, wait till he discovers his foot….

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