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If He Can Grab It He Will Pull It

Sometime around three months your baby will probably realize that he can grab things and hold onto them. It could be the blanket you are covering him with, a rattle, his pacifier, or another toy. It could also be your hair, your necklace, your dangling earrings or daddy’s tie. This milestone is a great one, even though it might sometimes be painful.

if-he-can-grab-it-he-will-pull-it.jpgOne of a baby’s favorite things to grab is long hair. We are not sure why a baby always seems to take a hold of it and yank, but they do! Sometimes it will be difficult to get them to let go as well. If your baby feels like he is falling or knows that you are about to lay him down, he may grab your hair and hold onto it so that you can come too. If you have long hair or a sensitive head, this can hurt and become a problem. 

The same it true if you are wearing a chain or a necklace. This is an item that is easy for your baby to grab a hold of so it is something you should be careful with. The same is true for dangling earrings. There have been situations where a baby has grabbed mom’s earring and ripped it out of mom’s ear.

Mom isn’t the only one to suffer from her baby’s new trick. Dad can get in on the game too! A tie is a nice, long object that is fun for baby to get his hands around. For men who don’t have long hair or wear jewelry, sometimes a tie is the only thing on them that a baby can grab. The way a baby sees it, all is fair in love and war!

There are steps you can take to protect your body and your clothing however. If you have long hair, try to keep it back in a ponytail or in a bun, out of your baby’s reach. If he can’t reach it, he can’t pull it. For jewelry, try to keep it tucked under your clothes when the baby is up, and keep earrings to studs instead of loops or ones that dangle. When dad gets home from work, he can remove his tie before holding the baby, or if out, put his tie over his shoulder. If your baby doesn’t see it there, he probably won’t go looking for it to pull.

You can also try giving your baby something else to hold onto. His favorite toy, a blanket or a rattle will normally do the trick and give him something to grasp. Keep these things with you when you are out, in your diaper bag, to offer to your baby before you pick him up to change him, so that you don’t wind up with your head down, getting a big whiff of his diaper while getting your hair pulled out of your head.

Don’t worry, like all the other stages your baby will go through, this one too shall pass…

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