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Baby Monitors

They aren’t a necessity, but they are definitely a big help when it comes to having a newborn. Especially if you are not co-sleeping and have your baby in another room at night time. Baby monitors have become many parents’ best friends, allowing them to move around and still keep tabs on their babies.

baby-monitor.jpgBaby monitors aren’t a new idea. They have been used for decades, and will continue to be used for decades to come. There are many different types of baby monitors at all different prices that can meet the needs of all parents. From the $20 monitors that allow parents to simply hear their babies, to the monitors that run $100-$200, and include a TV so that mom and dad can actually watch their baby sleep and see them when they wake up or are playing in their room.

Baby monitors have many functions. Some parents put their baby in a separate room from the first day they bring them home. A monitor allows them to hear the baby and wake up at night when the baby wakes up. For parents who have their baby sleep in the room with them during the early weeks, a baby monitor can be used to listen for the baby to wake up, while mom and dad are getting things done. If you live in a large house you might carry the monitor around with you so that you can hear the baby where ever you are. Or it can allow you to go out and work in the garden, or sit by the pool with your other children.

As your baby gets older your monitor can allow you to keep an eye on him while he is playing in his room, or sneaking into a sibling’s room to get in trouble. They can also help you “spy” on your toddler when they are supposed to be going to sleep, but is instead sitting in their crib playing with a toy. They can allow you to let your child have a little freedom, while having the confidence that you are involved in what they are doing and can make choices to protect them.

Monitors are also mobile. They normally plug into the wall or run on batteries, so it is easy to pack them up and take them with you whether you are going on vacation or just over to a relative’s house for an afternoon birthday party during nap time. It can be argued that the baby monitor is the most useful baby item for parents. It is definitely one that many parents can not live without.

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