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Decorate Baby’s Room on a Budget

Expectant parents walking through a baby furniture store are easily assaulted by the wide variety of nursery items available. Even if your plan was always to keep things simple and inexpensive it can sometimes be difficult to ignore the massive quantities of really cute things available. Just because you’re on a budget, however, does not mean that you can’t pull together a beautiful and clever nursery for your baby.

Here are some tips to follow when you want to save as much money as you can while decorating your baby’s room:

  • Secondhand does not always translate to old and dusty. If you have never ventured into a consignment store or perused online auctions then you may not realize that just because something is “used” it doesn’t mean that it has been used all that much. Some items that wind up getting sold used were obtained as gifts and were actually never used, or were used a little but well-maintained.Don’t be scared to buy things secondhand! You can find some really great deals and will probably get a lot more for your money. Check local consignment stores as well as classified ads, online resources, and even garage sales.
  • Coupons and sales are great. Some things you shouldn’t – or may not want to – buy secondhand, so for these instances it’s a good idea to wait to make your purchases until there is a sale or clearance. Watch the ads and check online to find out when the best sales are for stores offering nursery decorations. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy all the decorations for your baby’s room at stores that are specific to baby stuff. Any store that offers decorative items will probably have suitable items for purchase.Join the mailing lists for the stores you like and you’ll start receiving coupons via e-mail or regular mail as well as being notified of sales and clearances.
  • Don’t get carried away. Before you make your purchases, take a step back and see if you need to censor yourself a little bit. Remember that your baby could care less whether the wallpaper trim is expensive or cheap, and frankly the baby won’t even care if there is any wallpaper trim at all. Try to think in the terms of what the baby wants: a safe, comfortable place to sleep. All the extras are usually things that the parents add to make something aesthetically pleasing to an adult eye.Keep the decorations simple. By not getting carried away with purchases you’ll inevitably save some money.
  • Make your own decor. Even if you aren’t particularly crafty you can still pull off some pretty impressive decorations by following a kit or using your own imagination. Making something on your own almost always costs less than buying it brand new in a store. Take a look at some photos in a catalog to see what kind of decor you want for your baby’s room and then figure out what you can create on your own.Decor for a baby room that you lovingly create yourself is not only more frugal than purchasing it elsewhere, it also makes for a unique room.

Always keep in mind that your baby isn’t born expecting a designer nursery. The nursery should be functional and pleasing to the eye, but not something that you need to take out a second mortgage to finance.

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9 years 10 months ago

this is a great tip… You have a point but we could also consider brand new but in lesser amount.. both ideas are good, depending on your budget and perception. thanks for this… it’s great…

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