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Shoe Shopping For Your Baby

What woman doesn’t like shoe shopping? When a woman has a baby it just gives her an extra reason to go to the mall. When should you buy shoes for your baby, when do they need to wear them, and what should you look for? There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to shopping for your baby’s feet. Here are a few.

shoe-shopping-for-your-baby.jpgAre Shoes Needed
Until your baby has learned how to walk, he doesn’t necessarily NEED shoes. Shoes are great to have to make an outfit complete, or for pictures, but as a daily need it is not a must for most babies or their parents. As your baby learns to walk most pediatricians still suggest not putting shoes on their feet. The muscles on your baby’s feet only gain strength as they are used, and if your baby learns to walk with shoes on, he is not strengthening those muscles. When your baby is learning to walk and you are going to be out of the house putting shoes on his feet to protect them is a good idea, but he should still be allowed to walk around barefooted while at home.

What Should You Look For?
There are many things to remember when it comes to getting the perfect pair of shoes for your baby. Getting a good quality shoe is very important because the development of your baby’s feet is a constant ongoing process. There are certain details to look for when looking for a good quality shoe.

  • The shoe should be made of breathable material (like leather) instead of plastic
  • Sole should be bendable at the ball of the foot
  • Should have cushioned insoles
  • Feel for irregularities inside of the shoe
  • Flat heels for babies and toddlers ONLY

Shoe Size
The size of shoe you buy is important as well. Just like clothing where one brand might be bigger than a different brand in exactly the same size, one shoe labeled as a three from one company may fit like a size two or a size four. When it comes time to measure your baby’s feet for shoes, measure them in the afternoon, when all of our feet are naturally more swollen than they are in the morning. If your baby’s shoes are a half an inch long on him it is ok because it will give his feet room to expand and move around some as he is learning to walk, run and jump. The width of your baby’s foot is just as important as the length. Some baby’s naturally have wider feet than others so make sure the shoe you pick out works widthwise as well as length wise before sending your baby out in the world in it.

Flat Feet
You may hear from friends or relatives something about your baby having flat feet and concern about how to buy shoes to help the feet develop an arch. The truth is that all babies are born with flat feet and that in most cases an arch will naturally develop as his muscles strengthen. Don’t buy shoes that have an arch built in as an effort to help your baby’s arch form. If you are really concerned about the development of your babies feet ask your pediatrician at your baby’s next well-check.

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