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Stroller Choices

There are SO many different types of strollers on the market that it is hard to decide which one is best for your new baby. What is the best deal for the money, how many different strollers do you need, and is there a more affordable way of doing it?

stroller-choices.jpgCar Seat Carrier
Not exactly a “stroller”, but performing the same function, a car seat carrier is one of the most inexpensive ways that parents who have a new baby in an infant car seat can push them around. In some cases it is the most convenient as well. The car seat carrier is just a simple frame that sells for around $50 that an infant car seat can fit in. This is good if you borrow a car seat from a friend or relative, but do not have a stroller, or if you have a small car where a stroller would be a hard fit.

Just the Stroller
You can buy just a plain, boring stroller. One that seems sturdy, has a place for baby, cup holders, etc, but no car seat to go along with it. These come in many different sizes and patterns. These are good for parents who choose to get a convertible car seat for their baby from the beginning, and need somewhere to lay their baby down and push him around. They can also be good as a matching brand to a borrowed infant car seat. These can start at around $60 and go up into the $100’s.

Travel System
The travel system is an all in one unit consisting of the full size stroller and infant car seat that match and fit together perfectly. It is a convenient way for parents to purchase both the car seat and stroller that their baby will need. The downside to it however is that once the baby outgrows the car seat the parents just have a stroller. It can turn it into quite a pricy stroller for what it is. These normally start at around $200 and go up from there.

Jogging Stroller
A jogging stroller is a three wheel stroller built for rougher terrain and surfaces. It is great for moms who like to walk, jog or run, and want to be able to take their baby with them. Some of the jogging strollers on the market will have actual rubber wheels on it like the tires of your car. Others will be plastic like regular strollers. They also come with and without swivel front wheels. These are great if you plan on exercising with your baby in tow, but in some cases can be bothersome if just out and about. They normal start at around $130. On a side note, you can also get the jogging stroller in a travel system set up with an infant car seat that attaches.

Double Stroller
There are also double strollers, double travel systems, double jogging strollers and double umbrellas strollers on the market. These are not only necessary and popular for parents who have twins, but also for parents who have kids close in age, where the older one may not be ready to be out of the stroller when the baby is born. These are close to the same price as the regular counterparts.

Umbrella Stroller
An umbrella stroller is a light weight, small stroller that can easily be thrown in the trunk of the car. It is also the cheapest with versions starting at $10. However, it isn’t always the best choice or the most convenient choice, especially not as your family’s ONLY stroller. An umbrella stroller is intended for bigger babies who can sit up on their own already. It doesn’t have the support that a newborn needs. On the other end of things as your toddler gets heavier, it will drag and be extremely hard to push, plus the wheels are within foot range of your child which leads to your child putting his foot on the wheels and slowing you down.

How Many Do You Need?
Depending on the age of your baby and your interests, you may only need one stroller, or you may need three. If you aren’t real active and don’t see yourself taking up walking/running with your baby then you would be able to get along just fine with a regular stroller, or the stroller that comes as part of the travel system. If you have twins, then the double would be fine for you. If you do see yourself jogging, then you may choose to have a regular stroller for times when you are going to the mall or a doctor appointment. If your baby is older you may choose to go ahead and buy an umbrella stroller for the quick jaunts in stores, so that you don’t’ have to drag out your bigger stroller. Or you may decide just to retire your big stroller completely and keep the umbrella stroller for your use.

The strollers you need and use will change throughout your child’s journey from newborn to toddler. It is best for you to keep an open mind and be flexible, willing to adjust to your baby’s and your families needs.

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