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On The Go: Crawling

The easiest time for parents during the first year of life has to be when their baby is laughing and smiling, able to respond to them, sit up, roll over, but not go anywhere yet. Once your baby is on the go and can crawl, life becomes much more “difficult” in many ways.


on-the-go-crawling.jpgYour baby is so excited. Now they can go get that toy across the room on their own, instead of waiting for you to bring it them. They can also get the little piece of food on the floor, the shoe by the door, or the cords to the computer too if you do not have the house properly baby proofed. Once your baby starts to crawl you need to double check daily that there is nothing around that can harm your baby.


Crawling is a natural step for your baby that comes after your baby can sit up and after they discover that tummy time isn’t such a bad thing. It will either start by your baby moving from a sitting position to being on his hands and knees, or pulling his legs up underneath him while on his tummy pushing himself up with his hands. Your baby may get in the crawling position several times before he ever starts to crawl.


Before your baby starts to crawl he will probably sit there and rock back and forth. Some babies may not realize that they can move at first, while others may be scared of the instability of having one hand off the floor. Eventually though they will learn that by moving one hand and one knee, they can get some where!


Some babies start off with a modified version of crawling call the “army crawl”. This is where they learn to crawl on their elbows before they ever bring their knees up beneath them. While we think this could hurt, for some reason babies don’t get rub burns on their elbows and they are able to get around this way very easily. Some babies are content to crawl like this for months, before ever bring their knees up. This is a case of, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”.


For some reason some babies find crawling backwards easier than crawling forwards. If this is your baby, don’t be surprised if he never crawls forward before he learns to pull himself up and walk. He is crawling and getting himself where he needs to be, so what is the point in learning it differently!


There is no definite time that your baby will start crawling. It may happen before he is six months old; it may not happen till he is closer to a year. All babies are different and learn things at different rates. If you are afraid your baby is behind, talk to your pediatrician about it at your baby’s next well check.

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