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Piercing Your Baby’s Ears

Many parents want to rush out first thing and get their newborn baby girls ears pierced. There are many questions and much controversy around this though. People wonder how to go about piercing your baby’s ears, will it hurt, when is the best time to do it, and WHY would you want to get it done in the first place? Well the answers vary.

piercing-your-babys-ears.jpgPiercing your baby’s ears is a very personal decision that each parent has to make on their own. For various reasons what is best for your friend’s family may not be best for yours. There are things to think about however.

Why Get Your Baby’s Ears Pierced?
While men often have one or both of their ears pierced these days, it is still a very feminine thing to do. Many people think it is cute to have their daughters ears pierced and they think it makes them stand out. As a baby it definitely makes your baby stand out as a girl no matter what colors she is wearing, or if she is wearing a dress or onesie. Some babies will be born with little or no hair making boys and barrettes impossibility. Some people will choose to get their daughters ears pierced so that they don’t have to hear the question, or at least hear it as often, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

Another reason why people get their daughters ears pierced when they are babies is because their baby won’t remember it. Even if your baby cries when it happens, within minutes afterwards, with lots of love from you they will probably have calmed down and forgotten it. Also, as an infant your baby can not take her earrings out of her ears and the chance of the area getting dirty is less, since she won’t be playing in much dirt for a few more months.

When Is The Best Time To Do It?
Many people get their daughters ears pierced within the first two weeks of life. Others wait until there babies are a few months old. There is really not “best” time as an infant, but in order to help keep your baby’s hands away from her ears you should probably do it while she is still very little. A three month old won’t understand the concept of playing with her ears like a one year old would. Likewise, a two or three year old is more likely to figure out how to take off those pesky adult proof backings leading to her losing one of her earrings. Yes, she will always just lose one, making you have a lot of single earrings laying around for your baby.

Asleep or awake? Chances are if you do it while your baby is asleep she will wake up and wake up angry at that. If you wait until she is awake make sure she is happy, but be prepared to hold her tight, or if allowed keep her strapped into her infant car seat. This will keep her from jumping and moving too much.

Where Do You Get Them Pierced?
You can get your baby’s ears pierced in many jewelry stores in your local mall. There are even piercing stands in the middle of most malls that for the most part only pierce ears and sell earrings. Ask friends who have had their daughters ears pierced about which place they went to and if they liked it. It is important that you find a place where the woman piercing your baby’s ears has experience in piercing baby’s ears. Ask the people who are piercing your baby’s ears how long they have been doing it. Feel them out like you would your pediatrician before you let them pierce your baby’s ears.

Will It Hurt?
In a word, YES. Most of the time it will hurt, after all they are putting two holes into your baby. However it can be compared to your baby getting his immunizations in the leg. Some people might say that it hurts less because ears are pierced through skin in the lobe with a little gun and it is done quickly. Your baby is given his shots with a long needle stuck into a leg muscle and it takes longer.

One big negative of having your baby’s ears pierced is that your baby can’t tell you if there is something wrong. If there is an infection in the hole you may not know it for a couple of days. Also, some babies may have allergies to nickel which is found in silver and other types of piercing studs. If your baby has allergies, she won’t be able to tell you that the holes are itching and hurting. It is imperative that you wants for your baby to be pulling on their ear or rubbing it, and look for redness or puss coming from your baby’s ear.

Make Sure You Keep It Clean
Make sure you get the ear cleaner from the piercing booth and read the directions. You want to make sure that you clean around the earring per the instructions as often as it says. This will help avoid an infection from growing inside the hole the earring is in. You will also want to turn the earring a little bit each day to assure that the hole will not attach itself to the earring as it heals.

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6 years 2 months ago
My daughter just turned 3 months last week, we pierced her ears last night at the mall. It was NOWHERE near as bad as her shots. She cried more from the lady putting the dots on her ears then she did the actual piercing. After, she only cried for one minute, maybe even less. daddy walked her around and put a binki in her mouth and she was fine from there. This morning I cleaned them and turned them and she didnt even flinch. She is in no pain what so ever, they dont even look new. If you’d see… Read more »

[…] Read More […]

8 years 10 months ago

people please don’t do piercing till fifteen

9 years 10 months ago
We got our daughters ear’s pierced at 9 weeks and we took her to our dermatoligist! It is the cleanest form of ear piercing possible the whole cartridge is replaced with each piercing so there is absolutely NO risk of transfering any germs. Also they use Medical grade plastic ear rings so there is no risk of allergic reaction to nickle thus less chance of an infection, and yes they are cute ear rings ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck to any mom’s who decide to make the risky decision to pierce you will be condemned but it’s your choice and hey I… Read more »
10 years 7 months ago

This artice was super helpful. I am taking my 3 mos old to get hers done today at Merle Norman. I am dreading the infamous shreak, but know it will only sting for a few seconds. My mom had mine done at 3mos too- and I am glad!

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