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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, better know as SIDS, is defined as the sudden, unexplainable death in a child under one years of age while they are asleep. The causes and details of it are still unknown.

sudden-infant-death-syndrome.jpgToday SIDS is much less prevalant in society than it was 25 years ago. In 1980 1.53 of every 1000 births ended in the death of the baby blamed on SIDS. By 2001 that number was down to just .56 deaths which is great news for parents and doctors like.

Most commonly, a parent would put their baby to bed at night, only to wake up in the morning and check on him, finding him cold and not breathing. This situation is the worst that a parent can find themselves in and often leads to the feeling of anger and self-blame, or in some cases one parent blaming another. That can lead to the demise of relationships which can then hurt other members of the family.

What Causes SIDS? The answer to that question is still being searched out. No one really knows what exactly causes SIDS or how to keep it from occurring. Researchers found a link to babies sleeping on their stomachs and the occurrence of SIDS but other than that, no link links or exact causes have been discovered. There is some evidence that babies who are born premature are at a higher risk for SIDS because they aren’t as strong as babies who are born at term.

Why did the numbers go down and how can you prevent SIDS from coming into your home. Once the researchers discovered the link between SIDS and belly sleeping, they began suggesting that babies only be placed to sleep on their backs. It is called the “Back to Sleep” campaign and it gains strength every year. There are other things that can help prevent SIDS.

  1. During pregnancy, make sure you get regular medical care helping to avoid the chance of having a premature birth.
  2. Stay away from alcohol and drugs during pregnancy.�
  3. Avoid pregnancy during the teen years. As a woman gets older the chance that she will have a baby that suffers from SIDS drops drastically. The highest number of SIDS cases happens to teenage moms.�
  4. Wait at least a year after you have a baby to get pregnant again.�
  5. Always place your baby to sleep on his back.�
  6. Make sure your baby has a firm mattress without pillows, comforters, blankets and stuffed animals.�
  7. Keep light clothing on your baby and the temperature at a comfortable level to avoid overheating.�
  8. Avoid exposing your baby to people who smoke or environments where tobacco smoke is prevalent.�
  9. Breastfeed your baby if possible. Breastfeeding may reduce the risk of SIDS.�
  10. If your baby was a preemie, exposed to any substances while in the womb, was born to a teenage mother, or had a sibling who died of SIDS, consider getting a monitor that keeps track of your child’s breathing.

If you are concerned about your baby’s health or want more information about SIDS call your pediatrician or mention it at your next well-check.

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