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Signing With Your Baby

Your baby wants to communicate with you! He really does, even if he isn’t always successful. His squeals of glee, screams of joy and tears of sorrow are all ways that he tried to communicate his happiness, sadness and frustration with you. You may be looking for a way to better communicate with your baby. If so, consider baby sign language.

signing-with-your-baby.jpgSign language has been the language of the deaf and mute for hundreds of years. It is the way that those who can not communicate with words, communicate with their loved ones and the rest of the world. It only makes sense that you could learn some simple sign language and teach it to your baby as a way to allow him to communicate with you, before he is able to form the words that he needs.

There are a few tips to remember and get started with when it comes to learning to sign with your baby. They are basic and will almost guarantee you success.

One Sign at a Time
Choose one sign to begin with and make it one you will use often. Many parents choose milk, more, eat, drink or a favorite toy. Repeating these easy signs until your baby catches on is a great place to start and a great way to get your baby accustomed to the signing.

Show Your Child
Show your child the sign when talking about an activity as well as when you are doing the activity. Make sure you are repeating yourself as often as possible so that your baby can see what you are doing and start associating the action with the sign.

Repeat the Sign
Use the sign before, during, and after the activity. Repeat it every time you do it more than once and your baby will quickly pick up on the relationship between that sign and what you are doing. Soon he will be able to mimic you and do the sign as well.

Wait Until Your Baby Signs Back
In order to not confuse your baby, use one sign until your baby begins to sign back to you. Once he is correctly communicating that need with you, you can choose another sign and start the process over again. The more your baby learns, the easier it will be for him to pick up a new one.

Have Fun
Signing with your baby can be a lot of fun. Not only will it make communicating easier, but it can make dinner time quieter since your baby can make the sign for milk or for more when he is hungry or thirsty. You are sure to get a lot of comments at restaurants about how quiet your baby is and about what a good boy he is. This will in part be because your baby can easily communicate with you to make his needs known.

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