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Smoking Around Your Baby

Most pregnant women are told to not smoke and to try to stay away from second hand smoke as it can affect the development of their baby. However, most women who quit smoking just because they are pregnant start back up after the baby is born. Many of those women do it because they are hoping to lose weight faster. However, they don’t realize that the smoke can still affect their baby. Second hand smoke will actually hurt your baby more now that he is born than it would have while you were pregnant.

smoking-around-your-baby.jpgIf you do smoke you should step outside and not smoke in your house, where the smoke can linger for your baby to breathe in. You should make anyone in your household who smokes go outside. You should not smoke in the car, even with the windows cracked or down, as the smoke can still fill the small area. If you can’t stop smoking for your baby, you should at least do everything you can to keep your baby away from the majority of the smoke.

Smoking can be dangerous for your baby in many ways. Living in a house with a cigarette smoker has been linked to the occurrence of SIDS, which is the sudden, unexplainable death of an infant. Besides SIDS, it has also been linked to causing allergies and asthma in a baby. The asthma can then stick with your baby, causing attacks as a child and in severe cases lead to death.

It can also lead to a problem not as widely known in kids, gum problems. Parental smoking can lead to periodontitis (inflammation of the gums) and dental caries (cavities) in children. It can also cause darkening of your child’s gums, in some cases making them look black. This can be irreversible for your child.

Other health problems your smoking could cause your baby and toddler as he gets older include pneumonia, bronchitis, and other lung problems. Being exposed to second hand smoke while young, can lead to cancer later on in life.

If you smoke and you can not quit, then try to not smoke in front of your baby. It is one thing for you to make the choice to breathe in the nicotine, your baby doesn’t have the option for making that choice for himself. Try to take all steps necessary to keep your baby safe and healthy.

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