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Soothing Teething Pain

Teething is something all babies unfortunately have to go through. In most babies it causes some level of pain, sometimes severe, sometimes just a little discomfort. The problem is that babies can not tell you how bad the pain is when they have it. What can you do to help soothe your baby’s pain and make him happy again?

soothing-teething-pain.jpgTeething Rings
Be sure that you have a lot of teething rings handy. There are several different kinds out there. Some are liquid filled that you can put in the fridge to get cold; others are simply plastic that the baby can chew on. They even have rings that can be filled with water when you need it. They also come in all different sizes from very small to approximately 4″ in diameter. When your baby is little, try out the smaller teething rings so that he can easily grip them, gradually moving up to the larger ones as his hand gets bigger and grip gets stronger.

Teething Toys
Besides teething rings, there are several other toys that have been created to help your baby during his teething days. They have stuffed toys and animals that have hard rubber hands and feet that your baby can chew on. These normally have different patterns on each side, in order to simulate different types of massaging. These may come in different patterns and colors that will attract your baby, and they may also have rattles and other noise makers inside. There is no shortness of teething toys on the market for your baby.

Why a washcloth you might ask? Wash cloths can be easily moved even when frozen. Yes, frozen. Not only do they thaw out quickly, but they remain cold longer and feel good on your baby’s gums. They also will soak up some of the excess drool. To utilize this inexpensive idea you would get a clean wash cloth wet and stick it in the freezer. Once it is frozen enough for you just give it to your baby.

Many companies make gels to put on your baby’s gums. Gels come in many forms including those made for night time and those made for during the day. These gels are meant to temporarily numb your baby’s gums so that they do not hurt. Gel can be applied with either your finger or a q-tip. Speaking of q-tips, they now have on the market q-tips that are already filled with teething gel. These have a hard plastic rod with cotton on both ends. You break one end, sending the gel to the other end. You are then able to apply the gel with the q-tip immediately. While chances are your baby probably won’t like the taste at first, within seconds he will probably be happy and smiling once again.

Check with your pediatrician at your next well-check to see if he recommends giving over the counter medication such as Tylenol and Motrin to your baby when he is teething. If so, ask him which one he thinks is best and what dosage you should give your baby.

Teething is not something that is fun for babies, and it probably won’t be fun for you either. Thankfully it only lasts a short time and most of the time you get a break between teeth. Doing the best you can to keep your baby comfortable and happy is all that you can do. Unfortunately this is one pain that you can not take on for the baby.

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