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Vacationing With Your Baby

When it comes to taking a vacation with your baby, whether you fly or drive to your destination, you have to be ready and prepared for everything. You never know what will happen while you are away from home with your baby in tow. Patience is a must since you never know when you will face delays either because of other travelers or because your baby needs a little extra attention.

vacationing-with-your-baby.jpgStart your vacation with a plan of what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. This isn’t a plan that you have to stick to strictly, but having an idea of when you are going to be where and when you will be able to break and feed with or play with your baby is a nice help. Plan the times you will eat meals so that you can keep to a regular schedule and the times when you are going to be done for the day so that you can put your baby to bed without them getting too overtired or fussy.

A vacation with your baby can be lots of fun. Taking him to meet relatives will have everyone cooing over your little bundle of joy, while giving your arms a break from holding him all of the time. Let your family members play with him and let your baby get to know them, but always watch and listen for your baby’s cues that he has had enough or that he needs a little bit of one on one time with you or alone time to regroup. Babies can quickly become overwhelmed with too many people and with meeting new people. If this happens to your baby it may be hard to calm them down, so try to catch the signs early on in an effort to not let your baby get too worked up.

In order to remember your vacation, be sure to take lots of pictures. You will never be able to go to these places and do these things with your baby again at this age. Since your baby won’t remember it, you can use these pictures when he is older to tell him about the first vacation he took to meet his grandparents. Video is also a good way to capture the moments of the vacation with your baby. Being able to hear his relatives and see them interacting with him between visits, will help your baby feel more comfortable with these would be strangers the next time you go on a trip.

Over all, just remember to have fun with your baby on vacation. Keep it relaxed, and keep your own stress levels down since your baby can feel this stress and will react to it. Whether it is your first vacation with your baby or your fifth, it is bound to be a time that you will remember and look back on with smiles and fond memories. If you manage to make it go smoothly, chances are it won’t be your last.

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