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Your Baby’s Skin

Your baby’s skin is a funny thing. You always hear about having skin as soft as a baby’s bottom, but no one ever tells you that your baby’s bottom may be the softest part of your baby’s skin. When a baby is in the womb it is subjected to all the hormones running through his mom’s body as it comes through the placenta. In the weeks after birth as your baby’s body takes over his growth and development his skin will be going through a lot of changes. You may be surprised at what he might go through.

your-babys-skin.jpgBaby Acne
Pimples on your baby are as common as the breakouts you had during your teenage years. As the hormones leave your baby his skin is caused by an increase of oil production. This normally clears on its’ own within a few weeks without needing treatment. It is also no indication of acne problems in your baby as they reach puberty.

Dry skin can be very common in your baby and toddler. It is often describes as an itching, oozing, crusty rash that can be found mainly on your baby’s face and scalp. Unlike cradle cap which will generally go away on its’ own before your baby’s first birthday, eczema will require either a prescription or over-the-counter topical, steroid-free antihistamine in order to clear up. Be sure you ask your baby’s pediatrician about any rash on your baby’s skin at your next well-check.

Diaper Rash
Your poor baby’s bum is not always soft. There will probably come a time when it will be red and sore, possibly even a bit bloody if your baby develops a severe diaper rash. While it can be caused by infrequent diaper changes, diaper rash is not necessarily caused by you not changing a baby’s diaper quick enough. It can be caused by a food or juice that your baby eats or drinks that doesn’t agree with him. It can also come as a side effect to teething. Diaper rash can be treated with over-the-counter creams or prescription medications if your doctor deems necessary. Be sure to ask your pediatrician at your baby’s next appointment.

In most cases a birthmark on your baby’s skin is not dangerous. If you are concerned about one your baby has ask your pediatrician. Most of the time it is a little light red or brown colored spot. Sometimes they can grow. If your baby’s pediatrician thinks that there is a problem with your baby’s birthmark, there are medicines he can prescribe to help it fade or disappear.

All these skin problems that your baby can have can be exhausting for you! Between the acne, rashes and birthmarks the fun never ends for you as a new parent. Like many other things when it comes to your new baby…this too shall pass.

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