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The Most Popular Baby Names of 2006

most-popular-names-of-2006.jpgAre you looking for a name for your baby or do you just want to see where your baby’s name falls on the list of the most popular names in the country. Whether you want a popular name that will be easy for people to remember, or a more unique one that will make your child stand out as they enter school, you do not need to look any farther. We have compiled a list of the most popular names for 2006, as well as the most popular names for your state!

Top 100 Baby Names for Boys and Girls in 2006

Rank Boy Name Female Name
1 Jacob Emily
3 Joshua Madison
5 Ethan Olivia
7 Daniel Hannah
9 Christopher Ava
11 William Sophia
13 Ryan Alexis
15 Nicholas Sarah
17 James Mia
19 Jonathon Chloe
21 Samuel Lauren
23 Noah Anna
25 Benjamin Kayla
27 Brandon Jessica
29 Zachary Jasmine
31 Elijah Julia
33 Kevin Morgan
35 Caleb Savannah
37 Austin Alexandra
39 Robert Lily
41 Luke Kaylee
43 Aiden Angelina
45 Isaiah Allison
47 Gavin Maria
49 Aidan Lilian
51 Jason Faith
53 Hunter Riley
55 Juan Gabrielle
57 Aaron Kylie
59 Luis Zoe
61 Landon Gabriella
63 Brian Kimberly
65 Adrian Alexa
67 Eric Andrea
69 Nathaniel Madeline
71 Alex Evelyn
73 Jesus Mary
75 Sean Jada
77 Hayden Audrey
79 Cole Vanessa
81 Wyatt Ariana
83 Steven Caroline
85 Dominic Mariah
87 Xavier Jocelyn
89 Jesse Isabel
91 Seth Autumn
93 Richard Aaliyah
95 Colin Claire
97 Alejandro Molly
99 Blake Diana

Top Five Baby Boy Names From Your State

State First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Alabama William James Joshua John Michael
Arizona Angel Jacob Jose Daniel Michael
California Daniel Anthony Angel David Joshua
Connecticut Ryan Matthew Michael Nicholas Anthony
DC (District of Columbia) William John James Alexander Michael
Georgia William Joshua Christopher Jacob Michael
Idaho Ethan Jacob Gabriel Michael Logan
Indiana Jacob Ethan Andrew Joshua Michael
Kansas Jacob Ethan Andrew Joseph Logan
Louisiana Ethan Michael Joshua Jacob Christopher
Maryland Joshua Michael Ryan William Matthew
Michigan Jacob Andrew Ethan Joshua Michael
Mississippi William James John Christopher Jacob
Montana Jacob Ethan Michael Joseph Logan
Nevada Anthony Jacob Daniel Angel Joshua
New Jersey Michael Matthew Ryan Anthony Joseph
New York Michael Matthew Joseph Anthony Ryan
North Dakota Ethan Jacob Carter Noah Dylan
Oklahoma Jacob Ethan Joshua Michael William
Pennsylvania Michael Jacob Matthew Ryan Nicholas
South Carolina William Jacob James Joshua John
Tennessee William Jacob James Joshua John
Utah Jacob Ethan Joshua Samuel Andrew
Virginia William Jacob Michael Joshua Christopher
West Virginia Jacob Ethan Hunter Logan James
Wyoming Jacob Ethan Tyler Michael Joseph

Top Five Baby Girl Names From Your State

State First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Alabama Madison Emma Emily Anna Hannah
Arizona Emily Mia Ashley Isabella Emma
California Emily Ashley Samantha Isabella Mia
Connecticut Olivia Emily Ava Emma Isabella
DC (District of Columbia) Sophia Olivia Elizabeth Kayla Katherine
Georgia Emily Madison Emma Hannah Abigail
Idaho Emma Madison Emilyl Hailey Abigail
Indiana Emma Madison Emily Olivia Abigail
Kansas Emma Emily Olivia Abigail Madison
Louisiana Madison Emma Emily Hannah Olivia
Maryland Emily Madison Emma Abigail Kayla
Michigan Emma Emily Madison Ava Olivia
Mississippi Madison Emma Anna Emily Hannah
Montana Emma Madison Olivia Emily Alexis
Nevada Emily Samantha Isabella Ashley Madison
New Jersey Emily Isabella Ava Olivia Samantha
New York Emily Isabella Emma Olivia Madison
North Dakota Emma Hannah Madison Olivia Grace
Oklahoma Emma Madison Emily Hannah Abigail
Pennsylvania Emily Madison Emma Olivia Abigail
South Carolina Emily Madison Emma Hannah Abigail
Tennessee Madison Emma Emily Hannah Abigail
Utah Emma Emily Olivia Abigail Hannah
Virginia Emily Madison Emma Hannah Abigail
West Virginia Madison Emily Emma Hannah Olivia
Wyoming Madison Emma Halley Hannah Olivia

If you would like to see the lists of the most popular baby names as put out by the Social Security Administration from previous years, please see Most Popular Baby Names For The Past 100 Years

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i’m in utah how about nyah or ginger those are my daughters names or talen my son

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