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Unusual Baby Names – A Popular Trend

Unusual Baby NamesIf you’ve heard of celebrities giving birth lately, you’ve probably noticed that most of the names they decide to call their babies are unusual, and at times unpronounceable. A lot of celebrities take pride in their children’s unusual baby names. Says actress and Dancing With the Stars alum Brooke Burke to Celebrity Babies in a recent interview: “You know us celebrities, we gotta do all the weird names!”

Unusual baby names are given for many reasons: they may be named in honor of a relative with an unusual name too, may be given to ensure originality, to promote an independent, free-thinking child, and because the parents themselves just simply love the name Kal-El (Nicholas Cage’s son).

Think your ready to stick an uncommon moniker on your child (and ready to face their wrath later on in life)? Here are some names to get you started:

20 Unusual Celebrity Baby Names and Their Celebrity Parent:

  • Jermajesty – Jermaine Jackson
  • Pilot Inspektor – Earl star Jason Lee.
  • Sage Moonblood – Sylvester Stallone.
  • Audio Science – Shannyn Sossamon
  • Moxie Crimefighter – Penn Jillette
  • Petal Blossom Rainbow – Jamie Oliver
  • Poppy Honey – Jamie Oliver
  • Daisy Boo – Jamie Oliver (had to include all three kids!)
  • Bronx Mowgli – Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz
  • Shaya Braven – Brooke Burke herself and David Charvet
  • Neriah – Brook Burke and David Charvet
  • Brawley King – Nick Nolte
  • Cedella – Bob Marley
  • Destry – Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw
  • Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones – David Bowie
  • Fifi Trixibelle – Bob Gerdorf and Paula Yates
  • Seraphina – Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
  • Gaia Romilly Wise – Emma Thompson and Greg Wise
  • Kyd – David Duchovny and Tea Leoni
  • Pax – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt…okay and their whole brood: Shiloh Nouveau, Maddox, Zahara, Knox, and Vivienne.

Of course not all strange monikers are christened on celebrities, there are plenty of names out there for either gender that can still be claimed by a non-celebrity child, born of parents with a lot of gumption.

Unusual Boy Names:

  • Alban – from Alba, town names during Roman Empire
  • Chay – thought to be a nickname for Charles
  • Fergal – Irish; manly valor
  • Jago – Cornish form of James
  • Kyran – Irish, see a form of Kieran
  • Laban – Hebrew for white
  • Mabon – Celtic for son, or a Celtic god
  • Napier – French origin, used in England most; linen keeper
  • Ormond – Irish; red
  • Parsifal – German form or Percival of King Arthur’s round table knights
  • Somerled – Scottish; summer traveler
  • Trayton – English
  • Warwick – common English surname
  • Ximun -Hebrew, used by Basque; Simon
  • Yorick -Jester in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  • Zeno – Greek, short for Zenon; root of Zeus

Unusual Girl’s Names:

  • Briony – English, a flowering vine
  • Cacey – Irish, female variation on Casey; alert or vigilant
  • Flick – English nickname for Felicity; good luck
  • Gaia – Greek; earth, mother earth
  • Kohinoor – Persian, mountain of light
  • Majella – Irish/English, for St. Gerard Majella
  • Nekane – Basque; sorrow
  • Saffron – yellow flower often used as a spice
  • Tarina – English; hill, seat of the high kings of Ireland
  • Valentia – Latin; healthy or strong
  • Wilda – English; form of wild
  • Xanthe – Greek; yellow, referencing Xanthos, Socrates’ wife
  • Yaffa – Hebrew; beautiful
  • Zinnia – English , the flower

Need some more ideas? Search for names of other countries or cultures. I’ve found beautiful names from Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Irish, Gaelic, Celtic.

You can also mash yours and your spouse’s name together. For example if your name is Amanda, your husband’s is Tony, your daughter could be…Amony. No?

Well, experiment some more. And comfort your kids if you need to, that they can always change their names later.

Editor’s Note: This article was re-written on June 2, 2009

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6 years 10 months ago

[…] Unusual Baby Names – A Popular Trend | Baby Names | Baby …Unusual baby names are given for many reasons: they may be named in honor of a relative with an Unusual Girl’s Names: Briony – English, a flowering vine Most Popular Baby Names for the year 2008; Most Popular Baby Names By Year … Fetch Content […]

samantha antony
7 years 6 months ago

i have picked out two names one for a boy and one for a girl. Azalaia Jade, pronounced Az-a-lay-a and Bentley Orion for a boy.

7 years 11 months ago
I, for one, know how annoying it is to grow up with a super common name. There were always at least 2 other Kaitlyns’ in my classes if not more (in one class there were 6!). It was really annoying when I befriended a girl with the same name and everyone called us, “The Kaitlyns’.” Now I go by Katie but still have the same problem. That’s why when I found out I was pregnant with my first (a boy!) I wanted to give him a unique name that meant something to me and his father. We’re going with “Sora”… Read more »
7 years 11 months ago

hi again
keep having this reacurring dream that i am going to be a teen mum. a name i love and i want for my first girl is Dusty-Rose. any ideas on unique middle names starting with B? any ideas on unique baby names that arn’t too out of this world.

7 years 11 months ago
hi, i have found that my name katelyn is really common always having 3 people in my class at school with the same name. but then my name is spelt differently so i am always having to spell out my name. i have no problem with different names, although i do understand many people point on the fact the child will have trouble spelling it, they will quikly become used to unique spelling. i do understand why most peole do not like unique names as working in a childcare i find it frustating when u have no idea how to… Read more »
8 years 12 days ago

Hi I have a 7 month old his name is kyngdon. I love unique names I’m trying to thing of cute girls names tht mean princess I havea theme here

8 years 4 months ago

my boyfriend n i juz recently found out that im pregnant but wer havin a hard time picking out names…i was thinking if we have a boy we’d name him Malykai and for a gilr michealina…by the way my boyfriends name is Micheal so im wondering if these are good names

8 years 7 months ago

Well I have three children. My two son’s Cain (13) and Leon (9) and my daughter Emiko (4). I just loved the names I gave them and Emi loves her name.

8 years 7 months ago

My boys are called Isaac (he who laughs) and Lukas (bringer of light). We just wanted nice names that are less comon, and the special meaning came as a bonus.

8 years 8 months ago

my name is markiya and i love having an unique name because i never see anybody with my name and i get cool nicknames like marki,kiya,mar mar,kiki and its cool 🙂

8 years 9 months ago

Seriously? my name in all three versions ive ever used Jesse, Jessica, and Jess are so popular it sucks. I want to give my kids unique names that aren’t too strange; because no offense but growing up with extremly common names sucks too. i hate hearing some say Hey Jess and having myself and four others turn around. Its not fun

8 years 10 months ago
My name is pretty unusual but my mother had a common name that she shared with several girls in her class every year in school so she wanted something more unique. I still haven’t met another person with my name but looking online there are some! (IE Trina but mine is said as it is spelled with an E, Trenna) I am now pregnant with my first and rather like having a different name, although I would go so far as to name my child after fruit.. apple? no. Looking back in family history I found some really neat ones… Read more »
8 years 10 months ago

random names are the best!!! i like kymaani for a boy and quindalyn for a girl….also like
xxxx zoe

8 years 11 months ago

Alban – meaning Citizen of Albania – is an extremely common name is Albanian territories.

8 years 11 months ago
When i had my first child, i wanted her name to be unique, i guess because i knew so many people with my name. So i named her Indiasja (pronounced en-dee-ay-zha) Anjanee (an-zha-nay)….nickname is Indy. Everyone thought it to be a beautiful name however, my child who is now 13 has hated her name ever since she was about 5 or 6. Going as far as changing her name upon entering a new school or meeting new friends. She actually prefers her middle name but still goes by a few others she came up with herself. I have a 10… Read more »
9 years 1 month ago

i am pregnant with my first child if its a boy he will be a Jr
Shalimar jariel Franklin
and a girl will be
naomi jeannette Cruz
not to out there but not so typical

9 years 2 months ago

this is for tara
who cares if you get called tara the terrible its not that bad
the people in your old class must be so dumb to come up with that name..
think off all the names i get called…
help for Alexia:kyle,aiden,hayden,mackenzie,

i love the girls names taila,hollie-jay,riley,renee,michaela,ava-mae,kayden and kaydee

from tessa
(age 12)

9 years 3 months ago

my best friend named her son Kyzil. Absolutely love it. I’m helping pick a name for her new baby and I love Kyson.

9 years 6 months ago

What about the name cirroc you pronounce it sh-rock ………. for a girl……

By Kate x

9 years 6 months ago

I’m six months pregnant and i’m in a panick! i have not been able to find an exotic/ beautiful yet unusual baby boy name to date – any suggestions? I’m tired of the usual like Camden, Aiden, Chay, William etc….

9 years 6 months ago

My name is Starr-Lite which is an uncommon name. I love my name and would not change my name for the world. Yes I had a few kids pick on me in school but they did not bother me at all. I thing that unusual names are a good way to go and would recommended an unusual name to any soon to be parent. I had 9 Ashley’s and 7 Elizabeth’s in my class and they were always getting mixed up.

9 years 7 months ago

I love unusual names, but that is probably because my name, Terezah, has been difficult all my life. It’s pronounced Ter-a-za, but most people think I’m trying to creatively spell Teresa. I did have issues in school, but no mean nick-names. I named my daughters Alexandra Jule and Ayana Rae.

[…] […]

9 years 9 months ago

As a child I hated my name because it wasn’t very common, but as I grew older it was a good thing because there were so many Brittany’s and Breanna’s it would have drove me crazy if I had been another common. I am now pregnant with my first and am having a girl, I do not want her to have 6 kids in her class with the same name as her. I’ve decided to name her Lucian Neva, just to be a little different!

9 years 9 months ago

I have 7 kids and I wanted them to have unique names I have:
Candace Star,
William Trevor Daulton
Dalexander Lane
Kyra Alexis
Kalita Skye
Darrion Lance
Jenson Andrew-Rain

9 years 10 months ago

Ok people…you HAVE to get over the fact that your children will be teased. Unusual or not, your child will be teased. I am Tara and although that is not unusual, I got ribbed plenty for that name. Tara the Terrible, I’m gonna tear you up, Tara fied…and guess what…I’m fine! I got over it. Teasing is a part of life and if a parent wants to name their child something unusual, go for it. I am!

10 years 24 days ago

i love unusual names as mch as th next man but these rich celebs name their kids after anything. imagine when they’re teens & kids constantly tease them because their name is friggin moon unit? pilot inspektor? moxi crimefighter?

10 years 1 month ago

I love unusual names. Both my daughters do not have every day names one is Celestine and one is Markiya. It is great especially when they mean something special!

10 years 2 months ago

I love exotic names for girls like
and fun names like
I really love the bible names for Boys b/c of the way they all sound:

10 years 3 months ago

I’m pregnant with my first baby and I love unusual names. As for all of these that say its hard on the child to spell, they themselves are just being pure lazy. First of all the child will not have any idea that the name can be spelled any differently. I have picked Mataya for a girl and Maxxwell for a boy. I love these names and if my child is anything like me it will hate its own name just because it can LOL.

10 years 3 months ago
I think unique names are good for children and do not necessarily make them feel outcast. My name is perfectly average yet I spent the first 20 years of my life absolutely miserable because I was trying to “fit in” with all of the other “normal” people. Now I know that I am not “normal” but I also wonder, who is? Why should we be tied down by what others think we should be? I know I am different, and I have decided to legally change my name to Dinchara. I do not think that a child will necessarily go… Read more »
10 years 3 months ago

I am pregnant with my first child and it is a girl her daddys name is Jason and I am leaning towards Jacielayne(Jay-cee-lane does anyone know anybody with this name and what are your thoughts or suggestions.

10 years 3 months ago

My husband and I have very generic names mine is Erica Nicole and his is John Gregory so we found out we were pregnant we knew we wanted our kids to have unique names so our son’s name is JACOBI GARREN and our daughter’s is Joniah Sarae (Suh- ray)

10 years 3 months ago

– i have 2 boys and i didnt want “everyday” names – but i didnt want something crazy either – the first was darren – and most people dont have a problem with that – now baby number 2 is 10 weeks old and im already tired of spelling his name out to people j o s i a h — i really didnt think j
osiah (joe-sigh-ahh) was that unusual…!

10 years 4 months ago

i wanna have a baby 1 day but im only 11 soo whenever i heve a baby (when im like27) i will name her hannah

10 years 4 months ago

you can always come up with your own name. you can combine two names to make one you can use a place or a city. I named my son Lakeland after the town i was born in and its something i havent heard any one name thier kid

10 years 5 months ago
I have five children of my own, and although a couple of their names aren’t exactly unsual, I chose some rather unqiue names for them all. My first was a boy, which I named Kadaj Denzel, then I had twin girls, Alexis Myra and Rowan Lucia, then two more boys, Jacky Cyris and Jarred Nikolai. So far none of them have had any problems with nicknames from other kids and the only problems they ever get is people misspelling Kadaj or Jarred (they tend to leave out one ‘r’ in Jarred). Oh, and Alexis simply calls herself ‘Alex’, so people… Read more »
10 years 5 months ago

As a teacher I have to say I hate unusual or bizarre spellings of names. Not only is it hard for a young child to learn to spell but it also challenges the teacher – I once had 6 girls called Amy in my class, and each one had a different spelling! What’s more, the poor child is condemned to spelling it every time they’re asked to provide their name by officialdom. An unusual name is one thing, a random, bizarre spelling is another. Parents, please consider the future!

10 years 6 months ago
Hey! Well, I heard a couple people asking for suggestions. I am about to have baby #12 and I can’t hang with normal names. I did name my first born boy Glen Francis, after his dad–then, I was off and runnin’! No more using someone else’s name! My daughters: Joshua Renae, Glorianna “Glorie” Sebastienne, Shaughnessy Glenne, deChelly Miela (duh-shay mee-ay-luh), Desmarais Niccole (dez-muh-ray), Tejani Saraiah (tay-ha-nee suh-ray-uh), then, another boy: Cirroc Tuari (shuh-rock too-arr-ee), girls again: Noah Skye, Damira LaMia (duh-meer-uh) and Danica LaReina (duh-nee-kuh)–not like Danica Patrick (dan-ick-a)…number 12, if it’s a boy will be Cadre Isiah (cah-dray ee-sy-uh).… Read more »
10 years 6 months ago
IMHO, not that anyone asked, or will….I think you should use caution, have fun and be kind. Just remember it is a forever kinda thing. buttercup may be a precious princess today, but tomorrow, she may be robbing banks. i have 7 kids. 18 years to 15 month old twins. what i did was stick to a letter. Kayhla, Khristine, Khourtney, Korihn…then i was divorced, remarried and chose something only slightly different. Lhaicey, and then my twins, Aidahn and Ainsleigh. i have a thing with h’s. bottom line, with my older 4, i stuttered too much so with my 5th… Read more »
heh… I happen to know a family who have five kids, and they let the older ones name the next ones. First comes Mary, then Snow, then Rose (who is a boy, by the way) then Brun Hilda (one name), and then John Johnny Johnathan Jonstah (he just tells people that his name is “John”). Anyway, I thought that this was pretty creative, but for people who don’t want their kids to have issues (these kids are all actually perfectly happy), I think that it’s a good idea to just pick out a name you like, unusual or no. One… Read more »
10 years 6 months ago

I have twin boys and named one AlexZander, it was a nice traditional name with a unique twist. love it.
and so does my zanderbander.

10 years 7 months ago

I used to get picked on when i was young, cuz people used to say i had a boys name …But at the end of the day i used to b glad that i was the only 1 in my school with that name. I stood out and i liked it. My friend had the name Rachel and there were 3 other Rachel’s in my class alone, so when the teacher called they all turned around…Not Nice!!!
I will definatly call my baby a unique name, and think it is good to be a bit adventurous this day and age!!!

10 years 7 months ago

My thinking on this. If someone doesn’t like you their going to find something to mock you about. Take it from someone with a “normal” name who was mocked for speaking spanish and having “true latina” hair.

10 years 7 months ago

Dawn If you dont mind, what are your unique names. I am pregnant with my first and is looking for a unique name….

10 years 7 months ago
I have 4 children and am pregnant (quite unexpectedly) with my 5th. My children all have unique (made up) names. I enjoyed coming up with the names and they love their names. They range in age from 10 years to 19 years of age and ALL of them go by their first names. I do, however, agree that not everyone loves being that unique. I thought long and hard before committing to the names I chose. I played “devil’s advocate” and came up with the worst nicknames a cruel child in school could come up with. I also chose to… Read more »
10 years 8 months ago

I say that it is YOUR child and you can name him/her doorknob if you want to and if someone doesen’t like your baby’s name oh well…it’s not their baby…they can have a baby and name him/her whatever they like.

10 years 9 months ago

I agrre with the guy that said unique names arent fair tho the child. Although, it may be fun for the parent, it is the child that will have to deal with all the mean jokes and teasing. So, unless you live in Hollywood where it is “Normal” to name your child something rediculous….Please, for his/her sake—DONT DO IT!

10 years 9 months ago

It may be appropiate to note here that in hiring. Especially for higher paying job outside of entertainment. Studies have shown highly qualified but unusually named applicants are more often past over, no mater how cute or fun the name. Just a consideraion.

10 years 9 months ago

It seems Richard is sensitive about the nicknames associated with his name. Perhaps the reason behind this lies in his resemblance to the alternative meaning. No one wants to have their true self “outed” in their own name. Every Dick I knew laughed at the name calling. My best friend’s hubby (Dick) said that those that can’t laugh probably are ____heads.

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