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Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

It is strange how medical practices vary when it comes to childbirth. Many developed countries favor hospital delivery but in a few countries like the Netherlands for example delivery at home attended by a registered midwife or nurse has been the norm for quite a while. In Germany, the idea of home birth is catching […]

How an Abortion Affects Subsequent Pregnancies

Abortions are nothing new and have been practiced for centuries. In recent times there has been a belief that if properly done, an abortion will not negatively impact subsequent pregnancies. This belief is being reconsidered by recent research. The Risks Caused by Abortion The research which was done to investigate the causes of low birth […]

Inducing Labor

Sometimes, due to health or other concerns, labor must be induced, or artificially started. Labor inducement can be a long process and induced labor is slightly different than “regular” labor. Labor can be induced using a variety of methods. Check with your provider to determine which method they prefer to use. Some practitioners prefer to […]

Have Perfect Vision During Your Pregnancy

During the nine months of your pregnancy, your body will go through many changes. Some will be immediately noticeable, such as an increased body mass index (BMI), but others will not be equally visible, such as the swelling of the eyes. All of these changes are usually part of a normal pregnancy, as your body […]

Legs Cramps and Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes not only with joy but for some of us many aches and pains and little known conditions as well. Thankfully most of these ailments are short-lived and end with the birth, and have little or no harmful impact on the mother or baby. One such condition is leg cramps. The worst thing about […]

Baby Shower Beginnings: How It All Started

Baby showers. They weren’t always about guessing games and diaper-shaped party favors. Although these celebrations got their start in the beginnings of human culture, they’ve continuously evolved. So when did the baby shower become the baby shower? The Ancient Baby Shower A long time ago—as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks—families celebrated the […]

Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid if You Are Pregnant

Food and the pregnant woman… either the thought of it makes you hurl, or you can’t get enough of it, or you get woken up at 4 a.m. with cravings for nachos with jelly, or someone is telling you no! you can’t eat that! It’s actually really important for pregnant women to be careful about food […]

What is Pregnancy Rhinitis?

Some of us breeze through pregnancy without any issues while others are textbook; we have every symptom known to occur during pregnancy. One little discussed condition that affects some pregnant women is pregnancy rhinitis or rhinitis of pregnancy. What is Pregnancy Rhinitis? This refers to the stuffy, uncomfortable nasal condition that afflicts many pregnant women […]

Placenta Previa Seen at the 20 Week Ultrasound

One of the most common problems spotted at the 20 week ultrasound is placenta previa. Placenta previa is where the placenta is nearby, or actually covering some or all of the cervix. It’s a potentially dangerous condition because if the placenta covers the cervix, it blocks baby’s way out, requiring a cesarean section to deliver […]

Cord Blood Information – FAQ about Cord Blood

What is cord blood and what are the benefits of cord blood banking? The blood that remains in your baby’s umbilical cord after it has been cut is called cord blood which is rich in stem cells. These valuable cells which are genetically unique to your baby and family, can only be collected in the […]

Thank You Notes from Expectant Moms

If you’re like many adults, the last time you wrote a thank you card may have been after your wedding. Now here you are, pregnant, hormonal and so big you’re about to pop, and you have a large list of baby shower attendees and gift-givers to thank. This is only the start—you’ll receive presents after […]

Baby Scramble Word Game

This baby shower game is very popular at showers and is great for everyone at the party, even children who can read and write. Before the day of the party, select as many words as you want that are related to pregnancy and babies, no less than 25 is recommended. Now, the fun part is […]

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