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Cutting Your Baby’s Fingernails

Cutting your baby’s fingernails can be a nerve-wracking, daunting task. It often seems that as soon as you cut them they need cutting again and normally you have to fight with a wiggling baby in order to get that little bitty nail. New parents often find themselves dumb founded when it comes to knowing HOW […]

Cleaning Your Baby’s Ears

When you have water in your ears, or you feel that you need to clean them you will generally grab a q-tip and dig in. Many parents would think the same goes true for their baby. However the motto of many pediatricians now is, “If I can’t see in your baby’s ears, I will clean […]

Help Your Baby’s Belly

While breastfeeding is best, some women can not breastfeed and turn to formula to feed their babies. With both breastfeeding and formula feeding however a baby can suffer from reflux causing belly aches, arching of the back, and painful cries from your baby. There are several things you can do to help your baby feel […]

Childproofing Your Home

To make sure that your home is a safe haven for your children – and you – learn to spot and eliminate hazards throughout the house. This checklist will show you how. Register with ClubMom to customize this checklist by assigning due dates, adding new tasks, scheduling email reminders, and more. Register with ClubMom now […]

Baby Proofing Your Home

The time to baby proof comes way too fast for most families. One day you are pregnant, and the next day you are worried about stairways and electrical outlets. How can time fly by so fast? There are many details to remember when it comes to baby proofing your home and many times there are […]

A Delicate Balance: Skin Care Tips for the New Mother and Baby

As a new mother, what do you do if your infant suddenly develops what looks like a case of teenage acne or a rash on his or her scalp? And while you’re worried about your child’s skin, you may be worried about your own and the changes it experienced during and after pregnancy. For a […]

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