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The Greatest Gift a Grandparent Can Give Is Time

When you become a new grandparent, your first instinct may be to shower your new grandchild with gifts. These gifts may include anything from toys to books to clothes. Of course, it is more than possible for you to purchase surprise gifts for your grandchild and you should, but you should also know the importance of your time. In fact, did you know that time is the greatest gift that you can give?

As nice as it is to hear that time is the greatest gift that you could give your grandchild, you may be wondering how time can compare to gifts. For starters, it is important to examine the age of your grandchild. If you are a new grandparent, it is likely that your grandchild is either a newborn or an infant. Many grandparents do not realize that at these stages, children do not know who purchases what for them. On the other hand, your grandchild will be able to comprehend the time, love, and affection that you give them.

It is also important to examine the benefits of spending time with your grandchild. In the early stages of life, children need as much love and support as possible. In fact, the favorite activity of most newborns and infants simply involves cuddling. This cuddling will not only help you form a tight bond with your new grandchild, but it will also ensure that they feel loved and supported. Although their parents will also show their love, support, and affection, there is nothing like the love of a grandparent and your grandchild will know this, no matter how young or old they are.

When spending quality time with your new grandchild, you will likely want to do more than just cuddle. This often leaves many new grandparents wondering what they should do. In all honesty, it really doesn’t matter. Having a constant presence in your grandchild’s life is often involvement enough. Remember that your time, alone, is the greatest gift that you can give. With that in mind, you may want to engage in floor play with your grandchildren, read or sing to them, as well as take walks.

Your time and the positive impacts that it will have on your grandchild cannot be emphasized enough. Children who grow up constantly surrounded by love and support are more likely to feel secure and will continue to have their own healthy and love filled relationships later on in life.

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