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Neglect: How to Know When to Step In

Are you a grandparent? If you are, you may enjoy watching your son or daughter interact with their child. Often times, you will find a number of picture perfect moments, but other times, you may find issues that cause you concern. When it comes to grand parenting, many grandparents wonder what actions they should take in regards to neglect or if they should take any action at all.

When it comes to grand parenting and neglect, a great rule of thumb to follow is your grandchild’s health and safety. For instance, do you feel that they are being put in danger, even unintentionally? If so, it is time for you to take action. Unfortunately, many grandparents are concerned with the family problems that will be created when calling out neglect. While they problems do and may exist, it is important to keep the health and safety of your grandchild in mind.

One of the many instances in which you may want to intervene is if you suspect your grandchild isn’t properly being cared for, in terms of their health. Newborns, infants, and even toddlers need to receive proper medical attention and they need to eat healthy foods. If you find that your son or daughter is neglecting to seek the proper medical care for your grandchild, whether it be attending well visits or a trip to the dentist, you may want to voice your concerns. You may find an issue with money, a lack of insurance, or just a parent who is unaware of the importance of regular medical checkups.

Perhaps, the one situation where you shouldn’t take any chances is where you suspect abuse is involved. This abuse should include physical and verbal abuse. This is particularly important if your grandchild is a newborn or an infant, as they are unable to speak for themselves. When your grandchild learns to walk or reaches the active toddler stages, it is common to see bumps and bruises, but be on the lookout for anything that causes concern. If you are unsure as to the result of bruises or other injuries, you may first want to approach your child. However, if you see abuse firsthand, it may be wise to contact the proper officials.

As a reminder, intervening in your grandchild’s life may cause you some concern, but it is important to remember that neglect is nothing to mess around with. Your grandchild relies on you, as their grandparent, to provide them with love, support, and safety.

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grammie D.
3 years 11 months ago
I am very concerned about our grandchildren that live on the west coast. we don’t get to see them but once per year however, it’s always the same scenerio, a ‘singled’ out child (our grandchild) is always the one to be dismissed or sent to a basement or otherwise for reasons we don’t know. he speaks and no one, including brothers and a sister, or an aunt he spefically called to ignores him, like he’s invisisble. It’s breaking my heart and been going on for so long, (11yrs) I can’t even be around our son now in fear that I… Read more »

[…] you may be your grandchild’s guardian. No matter what the reason for your son or daughter being unable to care for their own child, it is now your responsibility to provide the love, support, and care of two […]

6 years 1 month ago
I am a grandparent and I am VERY concerned about the health and welfare of my grandchildren. My grandson is 11 and I don’t think he has ever been to the dentist. He has severe plaque problems with receding gums and gum disease. His mouth bleeds at the slightest bump. He is visiting me without his siblings for the 1st time, and I have heard some disturbing (neglect) things since he got here. I don’t know what to do. CPS has been to their previous home 3 times. Removing them once for a week because of filth. It seems the… Read more »
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