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Top 10 Fun Things a Grandparent Can Do With Their Grandchild

Are you a grandparent who is interested in spending more time with your grandchild? If you are, you may be looking for fun things to do with them. Below is a list of ten activities that grandchildren, particularly those in the first year, will enjoy.

  1. Cuddling
    Cuddling is perhaps the activity preferred the most by newborns and infants. It is also one that grandparents like you, love. Cuddling with your new grandchild will give you the opportunity to bond, as well as provide them with much needed love and comfort.
  2. Singing
    Singing is another fun activity that is ideal for newborns and infants. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what you are signing, your grandchild will likely enjoy hearing your voice.
  3. Dancing
    In addition to signing with your grandchild, you will want to dance with them. In the newborn and infant stages, it is important that you take slow, smooth steps.
  4. Reading
    Reading to your grandchild is not only a fun activity that they will enjoy, but reading at a young age also has an unlimited number of benefits, in terms of education. When reading to your grandchild, you may want to use fun, character voices. Do so and watch your grandchild’s eyes light up with excitement.
  5. Floor Play
    Floor play in general is a great activity for newborns and toddlers. What is nice about floor play is that you can do nothing but lay or sit on the floor with your grandchild or you can play with fun, educational toys. Toys great for floor play include building blocks and stacking toys.
  6. Puppet Play
    Playing with puppets is a fun activity that children of all ages love, especially newborns and infants. You can easily purchase pre-made puppets or make your own. When playing with puppets, be sure to use funny voices.
  7. Watching DVDs
    Watching DVDs is an activity that you and your grandchild can enjoy at home. It is advised that you watch DVDs, as opposed to television, as you have more options. There are DVDs that are designed for newborns and infants. These are often intriguing and educational in nature.
  8. Walking
    Walking is a great activity for you and your grandchild to enjoy together. Outdoor walking is best, but you may also enjoy placing your grandchild in their stroller and taking a walk around your local shopping mall. Watch your grandchild light up with excitement as they enjoy the world around them.
  9. Shopping
    Shopping with your grandchild is another fun filled activity that they will like. You can purchase a treat for your grandchild, like a new toy, book, or outfit, but honestly, you will find that no purchases are needed. Shopping is a great way to show your grandchild the world that awaits them, while completing a few errands yourself.
  10. Take a Trip to the Zoo
    Visiting a zoo or even just a petting zoo is a fun filled activity that is great for both you and your grandchild. Encouraging a love of animals and learning has a number of benefits. Even if your grandchild is unable to comprehend what they see, you may be surprised how exciting the zoo is to them.

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Eileen Murray
7 years 6 months ago

I would like to see more information on what things can be done with grandchildren over the age of 10 years. Grand babies are great but mine are growing up.

Thank you,

8 years 5 months ago

Love the great ideas…here are more:

Crafts – Grandchildren love to work on projects with a Grandparent. Something as simple as a paper plate and crayons can turn into a treasured piece of artwork.

Baking/Cooking – Toddlers love to ‘cook’…adding the pre-measured ingredients to a mixing bowl, etc. They especially love to see the finished product and their accomplishment.

Most importantly, make sure it’s an activity that the Grandbaby enjoys!

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