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8 Easy Ways To Encourage Your Children To Become More Environmentally Friendly

Children are like sponges when they are young in that they soak up so much information that it is hard to keep up! They are also inquisitive and will ask question after question until they fully understand what they wanted to know to begin with, and often everything related to the subject in question as well! As a result, this is actually the ideal time to teach them all about the environment and how they can help to prevent damage to it.

The key when encouraging your child to become more environmentally friendly is to make it fun and interesting. If you are creative then they will get involved and are more likely to remember what you have said! The earlier you start the better so take a look at the tips outlined below for a few ideas!

  • Invent games! Children love to play games and can relate to them so hiding a message in the game is a great way to get the green message through. For example, you could play I-Spy with green items within the house or paint wildlife… anything that you can think of to get the ball rolling!
  • Encourage them to decorate their own rooms with old furniture! They can paint it and alter it themselves as long as they use green items only.
  • When you are eliminating things you no longer need and organizing the stuff you have, send them on a treasure hunt. Encourage them to figure out which toys they don’t want any more so other boys and girls can have them, nothing goes to waste.
  • Get them to help in your vegetable patch! Give them a patch of their own to nurture so that they can watch the plants grow and feel proud of themselves.
  • Involve them in household recycling. It gives them a little responsibility and teaches them about recycling at the same time.
  • Buy your children a bike from an early age and take them to the local shops on it regularly. This is much better than driving there and will be fun for them as well.
  • Join a local environmental group with your children. There are community groups that are designed for parents and small children and they are of real value when encouraging your children to go green.
  • Get creative! Encourage your children to make toys and games from recycled materials and birthday cards for family members from old cards that you have previously received.

All of these activities will engage your children and allow them to see that being environmentally friendly is actually a lot of fun. They will soon be environmental converts for life!

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