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Keeping Clean and Green during your Menstrual Cycle

After the new baby, the thing you probably dread the most, other than those two o’clock feedings when you’re still half asleep, is your menstrual cycle starting back just like Old Faithful. Since your life and your body will never be the same again after the birth of your wonderful new baby, why not consider making another big change?

Perhaps you’ve heard of something called a Diva Cup. No, it’s not a fancy anti-spill sippy cup for that new little princess. It doesn’t spill, but it’s for mommy. The Diva Cup is a safe, comfortable, and earth-friendly alternative to all those bulky, leaky pads and tampons.

Think of all the tampons and pads that you go through during one cycle. Now think of all the women you know who have cycles and do the math. Wow, huh? That’s a huge amount of waste that we add to the local dumping ground each and every month. What would you say if I told you there was a better way?

The Diva Cup is available for anywhere from nineteen to forty dollars. There are two basic models. One model is made specifically for girls under thirty. They are slightly smaller and no more likely to damage the hymen than a regular tampon. The second model is made for the mature woman who has given birth or is over thirty. The Diva Cup does not interfere with IUD’s, but they should be taken out before intercourse.

Diva Cups are safer than tampons because there is no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome since the natural flow of your cycle is not staunched. They are also more comfortable to wear than a tampon since they do not slip out of place. They insert similar to a tampon, but are reusable. You simply wash them and reinsert. If you get stuck using a public restroom, you can simply wipe out the cup with tissue or a wet wipe which you probably have on hand anyway since you have a new baby. The cup is also less messy and more reliable than the typical pad as well as being a friend to the environment. Plus, after the initial cost, think of all the money you will save over a lifetime of cycles.

As you can see, the Diva Cup is a wonderful way to help reduce the footprint you are leaving on the environment. Plus, it’s economical, comfortable, and practical. Help spread the word about Diva Cups to all your best girls and help out the planet at the same time. Why not go greener and stay cleaner?

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