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The Best Natural Baby and Toddler Toys

If you’re raising your children naturally and in an environmentally responsible way, you care about every aspect of their care, including their toys. Good toys should not just be durable and biodegradable when they are no longer needed or worn out. They should also stimulate creativity and cause active learning. Mostly, a good toy should also delight and intrigue the child.

When you shop for toys made of earth-friendly materials, you will probably run across items that are designated for “Waldorf education.” This is a method of teaching children, more of a philosophy, which celebrates non-violence, simplicity, and a free rein on the imagination.

Natural toy makers have designed a number of pleasant playthings that will look attractive in your home as well as nurturing your child’s creativity. Soft toys, for instance, don’t have to be made of garish fake acrylic fur in unnatural colors with weird big plastic eyes. Check out the choices of simple animals, dolls, and gnomes made of organic cottons stuffed with cuddly combed lamb’s wool.

Some creative artisans have even developed soft toys made from recycled wool garments. If you have some sewing ability and enjoy crafting, you might want to get a pattern and make a soft doll. It’s a good way to save money on a toy while creating an heirloom. Always remember to avoid details like buttons that could fall off and become a choking hazard. Eyes and noses are easily created with a few stitches of colored wool yarn.

Wooden toys are also a popular choice for the green home. Look for rolling vehicles small enough to fit toddler hands, with durable wheels that won’t fall off. Many children enjoy rattles and other noisy toys. Look for ones that make a gentle sound that won’t jar everyone’s nerves.

Your baby will turn things into toys that are not typically toys. For instance, one mom found that her little guy would lay still for diapering if he was allowed to hold and examine the tube of diaper rash ointment. This same little boy could turn just about anything into a drumstick and just about any surface into a drum!

Ultimately, the best toy for your child will be impossible to know ahead of time, because children are so unique in the way they respond to playthings. Your child might prefer to play with the pots and pans instead of enjoying that expensive handcrafted hardwood rattle! Hey, toys are personal! Let that little one lead the way in choosing favorites.

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