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Do I Really Need to Look for Organic Cotton Baby Clothes?

There’s nothing sweeter than your little bundle of joy all dressed up in soft, cute cotton baby clothes. It used to be hard to find infant clothes made of cotton, but as more parents demand them, they are becoming much more available. Organic cotton clothes, however, are still hard to find sometimes, and they can be quite expensive. Ecologically speaking, are they really worth the effort to hunt out and pay for?

It is reported that cotton farming uses a full quarter of all pesticides used on crops around the U.S, and is the third heaviest user of pesticides around the world. Think about that fact for a moment. Considering all the many varied food crops there are, from grains to vegetables to fruits, that is a staggering thought. If we want to live in an environmentally responsible way, it just makes sense that we should do all we can with our purchasing dollars to support organic cotton farmers.

Where baby is concerned, there are other considerations. Organic cotton is not bleached or dyed with harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. In fact, innovative agricultural engineers have developed cotton that grows in a few different attractive natural colors. Also, since there have never been any pesticides used on the cotton, you don’t have to be concerned about there being pesticide residues in the clothing.

Don’t forget that babies also spend a lot of time in contact with their crib sheet and blankets. These items can be found in organic cotton, too. New suppliers are designing attractive organic baby items every day.

If you’re interested in dye-free organic cotton clothes for your baby, they come in various soft natural shades from green and yellow to red-brown and brown. Some baby clothes manufacturers offer designs in patterns using more than one natural color of cotton. The colors don’t fade like dyed colors do, but deepen as the item is used.

While organic cotton is a luscious alternative for dressing your sweet baby, you might want to check out some of the other organic natural fibers that are being used in baby clothes. Fast-growing bamboo is now being used in blankets and shirts. Hemp is often used in diapers and other items as well.

Green babies will appreciate the extra care you take in providing them with organic fiber clothes and other earth friendly items. After all, you’re raising that child with an eye to the future of the planet.

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