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Disadvantages of Organic Food

While organic food can be great for your health and skin, there are some disadvantages.

Regulations on organic farming and the fact that produce is usually grown in smaller quantities than non-organics, are two of the reasons for the elevated cost of organic produce. Regulations have not been set on organic food pricing and percentage increase differs between organic foods such as; fish, meat, dairy and produce. Individual producers of organic food are able to assign the prices of their product. Many families find this cost differential a deterrent to purchasing organics. As organic farming grows in popularity, it should allow for a rise in supply, and one would hope, decrease in cost for the average American consumer.

Environmental Safety
While producers of organic products state that their produce is more sustainable and environmentally sound, it is questioned among specialists and scientists alike. Factored in is also the argument that the shipping of products is not as efficient as quantities are smaller and shipped further than non-organic products which are grown locally. Some argue that pesticides are not area specific controlled, making it impossible for products to be grown completely pesticide free. While others strongly feel unsafe foods can not be sold, stating pesticides found in non-organic food are not harmful to consumers.

Just a Fad
Many believe that organic food has “sold out” becoming a marketing gimmick. Companies are marketing more organic products, changing ingredients and labels in an effort to jump on the “organic band wagon” so to speak, while benefitting from the higher prices. Many consumers believe that organics may not be all they are made out to be, that products will quietly disappear from shelves. Only to be forgotten, like many fads in the past.

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