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Caring For Your Skin Organically

Your skin is the largest and most visible organ you have and covers your entire body. Consumers are choosing to use different organic products in their home, to ensure better health for their loved ones like food, cloth , flushable diapers, and other household items. It only makes sense to treat the skin with the same care as they do their family. Unlike the unnatural products in regular skin care, organic skin care is created from herbs, fruits, and flower buds. They are then combined with natural oils and waters.

The last thing your skin needs is to be invaded by chemicals and harmful toxins that are so prevalent in standard non organic skin care products when your skin is already exposed to harmful chemicals all day long. Organic skin care provides a healthy alternative to today’s chemical filled products.

A woman, on average. is exposed to hundreds of chemicals a day, many of which are absorbed into the blood stream. The rise of allergies and eczema has been thought by some to be caused by these chemicals that increase on a daily basis.

There are a large number of websites that sell organic skin care products or list recipes for making your own organic skin care products in your home. There are also books you can buy on organic skin care like Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care: Including A to Z Guide to Natural and Synthetic Chemicals in Cosmetics, How to Make Your Own Organic Cosmetics: Face Masks, Hair Rinses & Body Lotions: Recipes for Natural Beauty and Pure Skin: Organic Beauty Basics.

How Your Diet Affects Your Skin
Fatty and greasy foods are known to wreck havoc on your skin. Abstaining from these types of foods as much as possible is beneficial in healthy skincare. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals responsible for maintaining skin integrity. Because lack of vitamin A in your system can cause dry and scaly skin, vitamins A and C are very important to your skin care. Watch the labels of the foods you eat because many contain unnatural chemicals that will affect your skin. In most cases companies are required by laws to list the ingredients on the packaging of their food before it can be sold, so learn about the chemicals in your food to eat responsibly.

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