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What is Pre-Cycling?

Just as your fixed up the nursery and baby-proofed your house recently, you probably wish you could do the same thing for the whole earth and make it a utopia for your perfect baby. Pre-cycling is a way to help the planet and ensure that your infant and later perhaps grandchildren have a wonderful place to live for years to come.

Pre-cycling is preventing waste before it ever even happens. Why should you care about pre-cycling? There are two main reasons. It’s simpler and cheaper than other forms of recycling. How exactly does pre-cycling work and where can you start? You’d be surprised how much waste can be saved if we all do our parts. There are many areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and garden where you can begin pre-cycling. You can also pre-cycle while shopping. If you work outside of the home even part-time to stay sane, you can aide the planet by pre-cycling at the office too.

In your home you can pre-cycle by using cloth instead of paper towels for cleaning. Use old clothes and bedding for rags. Also help pre-cycle by using cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Use washable plates and utensils. You can also use class jars for storage instead of plastic. Instead of buying new items, repair broken items. Donate usable unwanted items such as clothes and toys to a local abused women’s shelter, orphanage, or other charity. Many places will even pick up large items such as furniture for free since you are donating them. Give away books and magazines to a nursing home, doctor or dentist office, or the local library for their book sale.

You can pre-cycle in your garden by loaning or borrowing tools that are rarely used. You might even consider renting tools for projects that are not going to be ongoing. When you must purchase tools, buy ones that use rechargeable batteries. Use a mulching mower to cut your grass. Most of all, compost all organic lawn and kitchen waste.

When you must paint, estimate and buy only the amount you need. You can even use plastic containers instead of buying paint trays. Reuse wood when possible and use scraps to build birdhouses, or small toys such as a little pull car for your child.

And when buying anything new, you should decide if there are better options first. Look at the packaging. Is it recyclable? Is there an excess of it? How many miles did it travel to get to you? If there are two identical products, one wrapped in paper, and the other in non-recyclable plastic, stuffed with styrofoam and shipped from China, which do you think I’m going to buy?

Remember that you can help with pre-cycling by reusing items as much as you can to help save production and gas costs. By pre-cycling you can do your part to keep the planet a happy place for you family to inhabit.

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