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Plant a Tree for your new Baby

As most people know, planting trees is a wonderful way to help the environment since trees produce oxygen which everyone on earth breathes to stay alive. Planting trees also help stop the effects of global warming. There are also plenty of other more exciting reasons to plant trees.

Planting a tree is a great way to commerate the birth of your new son or daughter. If you have older children, don’t leave them out. Plant a tree in honor of their kindergarten graduation and later perhaps even their wedding. Make it a family tradition of planting a tree for all the memorable family occasions.

You might also consider planting a tree in memory of the death of a loved one or a child’s favorite pet. This will something live in memory of what you wish was still living while helping everyone around to breathe a little better. You might even consider having a summer block party beautification celebration and get the whole neighborhood involved in planting trees!

The Arbor Foundation is a huge help when it comes to the tree planting cause! Arbor Day has been around since 1872 and is celebrated on the last Friday in April just when the weather is warming up and kids get spring fever. It is a great time to get the family involved. Let your children plant a tree in your yard. If your yard is already full of trees, offer to plant trees in an elderly neighbor’s yard or at the local nursing home. Most nursing homes love for families, especially those with children, to come by and visit for special projects. Help the environment while watching the faces on all the older people around light up with joy all because of a single visit from you or your child. Suggest to the school your child attends or to your child’s teacher that each student or class grow and plant a tree or start an environmentally friendly beautification project. From kindergarten to high school, this idea works and helps the environment! Perhaps you are thinking of starting back to college yourself now that your little one has arrived. Why not suggest planting trees to your favorite professor and make some brownie points for yourself?

Even if a cactus is not safe with you and your black thumbs, the National Arbor Foundation will help you out by telling you which trees survive best in what types of environments. You can also join the Arbor Day Foundation and get ten free trees. Why not buy a tree for that boss or in-law that is so hard to shop for during holidays or birthdays? Trees make a great gift for anyone regardless of their age. Children like playing in the dirt while planting them and most adults can appreciate a thoughtful yet environmentally friendly present that won’t get added to the pile of unwanted gifts in their overcrowded closet.

Many local high schools raise plants and trees to sell for Future Farmers of America Clubs or agriculture classes. They would certainly appreciate your patronage and support. You can also find trees or tree seeds to plant at local nurseries and super stores. Go grab a tree and help your family grow a bit greener!

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