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Why to Buy Local Produce

When applying the principles of environmental responsibility to our diet, the first things we think of are often reducing meat consumption and going organic. An often underrated factor is considering where our foods are grown. Buying fruits and vegetables that are produced by farmers in your local area is a very important part of being green.

If you’re looking for freshness and great taste, of course you can’t beat the vegetables from local farms. But have you ever stopped to think about the gas used in shipping those veggies from Chili, Florida, or wherever? Or the gas that is being burned by loud, obnoxious, emissions-belching trains, and roaring dangerous tractor-trailer rigs on the highway?

Living green is about making a lot of little choices to eliminate our impact on our environment. If more and more people make those little responsible choices, maybe we can eliminate a truck on the highway, or even a lot of trucks on the highway. We can make an impact in the area of noise pollution as well as air pollution and depletion of natural resources by banding together. Buying local is a prime example.

Another thing about buying local produce is that you can get to know your local producers. Many of these agrarian folks are similarly interested in making the greener, simpler choices in life. Many of them raise their food organically. Often, they can become sources for responsibly raised meat and dairy products, or can advise you about where you can find these products.

These producers often are also a source for home baked wholegrain breads and goodies as they try to supplement their family income. The children often participate by selling cookies or produce from their own little gardens, thus learning valuable business and people skills.

Not all of green living is about chemicals and scientific statistics. When we get to know and support our local farmers, our world becomes friendlier and more charitable. Local farmers often have a strong sense of faith and family. When we buy from them, we are helping to support a way of life that is traditional and wholesome, a way of life that is quickly becoming extinct as our cities grow and our pace of life quickens.

When you think about it, there is much more to buying local produce than getting a great tasting tomato. Environmentalists have been saying for years, “Think globally, act locally.” Supporting your local producers, whether through an organized Farmers’ Market, or stopping by that house with the homemade sign proclaiming “Eggs – $1 a dozen,” you are making a statement that you are in favor of a gentler, greener world for all.

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