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Mood Swings

Oh the mood swings! One minute you can be laughing and then suddenly break into sobs over absolutely nothing. This is one of the “joys” of pregnancy that most women experience.

Not only do women experience it, but their partners, other children and family members experience it as well. Your mood swings can affect you and those around you.

Mood swings generally start during the first trimester as a woman’s hormone levels start rising. They can level off during the second trimester, but tend to come back full force during the third trimester, as the impending labor draws near. For first time mothers, the thought of labor and being completely in charge of another human being’s survival and happiness can cause fear and terror.

Some women are on cloud nine throughout their pregnancies, some women cry, and others start to do things like laugh all the time. Angelina Jolie recently admitted that while pregnant, she can’t stop giggling.

While mood swings during pregnancy are completely normal, if you feel like you aren’t acting normal, or there is something peculiar about your mood swings, be sure to talk to your doctor or midwife about it. In a few cases, the mood swings may actually be masking prenatal depression. Most of the time, your doctor can prescribe something to help you feel better, and feel more like yourself.

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7 years 11 months ago

i’m 23wks and still have bad bouts of mood swings, the downside for me is my husband blames me, fights back when i tick off and he’s gotten violent twice. i’m so lonely and it gets worse cos no one seems to understand my ordeal and the only one who should, only makes things worse for me. one thing i know that keeps me going is i’ve got 17wks till my little bundle arrives.

8 years 5 months ago

my girlfriend is 7 weeks pregnant and taking everything out on me and i dont even argue back because i know its not her fault is there anything i can say or do to relax her? thanks

8 years 6 months ago

Ah the joy of mood swings… I sometimes feel like everything will be great and all will be well and others I feel like nothing is ever going to work out… I was so upset my husband want us to move in with family so we can look for a bigger place… When all i want is my own space my own house… and sometimes I feel like I am never going to find one!!! I hope we have something before our little man is born!

8 years 7 months ago

I’ve been going trough similar trouble, but since I’m epileptic this freeks me out. This is my first pregnancy and at first I was very exited about it all. But now I’m also geting fits which is making me scared, what about my baby.

9 years 12 days ago

how can i help or what can i say to my girlfriend? she has very bad mood swings and im scared that i say something stupid and she’ll eat me alive or something. can someone help me pleas, im new to this

9 years 17 days ago

I feel the same way. And who’s suffering? My husband. Good thing. I have a wonderful, patient husband. I try to control my mood swings in front of other people, they will never understand me.

9 years 10 months ago

Alicia, thanks for writing the above. I’m a few days from my due date and I’m feeling similar to you.

Well-meaning relatives keep ringing to see if the baby’s come and they want to visit, but I feel rubbish & just want peace and quiet and a bit of space.

So then I push them away and feel so guilty for doing that, but I feel vulnerable, especially when they’re kind of hovering and waiting.

Hopefully this’ll pass soon.

10 years 29 days ago

I don’t know when my mood swings started. I feel that I am pushing everyone away from me. I feel so alone sometimes. That no one loves me. And I just tied of being pregnent.

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