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Ouch! My Breasts!

An early sign of pregnancy, during the first trimester, are swollen or sore breasts. This can begin as early as a week after conception, often before a woman ever misses her period. The breasts might become larger, tender, and ache when they are touched. But what causes this tenderness?

A woman’s breasts are made up of fat, tissue, blood, and milk glands and their sole purpose is for breastfeeding. It is just a coincidence that the men seem to like women’s breasts as much as the babies do.

When a woman gets pregnant her breasts immediately start preparing to feed that baby nine months down the road. Extra blood begins to run through them and the milk glands grow, causing the swelling and pain that a woman might feel. A woman’s breasts will continue to grow throughout pregnancy, although the tenderness should fade after the first trimester. It is normal for a woman’s breasts to be 2-3 cup sizes bigger by the time her baby comes and she begins nursing.

Swollen and sore breasts do not necessarily mean that a woman is pregnant. Many women experience some swelling and tenderness in their breasts every month right before their period comes, or even at ovulation. Sore breasts can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance or starting, stopping, or changing birth control pills midway through a cycle. When in doubt, be sure to call your doctor.

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116 Comments on "Ouch! My Breasts!"

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brittany kingstree
8 years 6 months ago

i would like an answer to my question… i’ve had sore breast for about three weeks and they are still a bit sore and i got my period yesterday but its not due until five more days and i have been havin unprotected sex but i dont know if im pregnant.

8 years 6 months ago

Lately i’ve been having SEVERE cramps but at the same time i know its not my period! My breast have been sore for the past couples of days and lately i feel like everything i smell i want to throw it up! My periods late and i took a test but came out negative! I don’t understand!

8 years 6 months ago
hi, im 23 n have a 3 year old son, and my boobs still ache and when they do i still leak milk , i breast fed when my son was born and stopped after 6months and just thought it was normal but starting to panick as most mums i know have not had this happen, has any other mums had the same problem because im really starting to feel like a permernant cow n the more milk i drink makes my boobs leak more , its not alot thats being produced but my boobs ache, and im deffo not… Read more »
8 years 6 months ago

im like 16weeks pregant but my breast begin 2 produce milk from i was like 10 weeks or even earlyer how is that possible???/

8 years 7 months ago
hiyah their i have a question i normally get my periods round about 29th of every month i lately i havent had a period for 3 or 4 month i thought it was just stress but i have been having a very very sore breasts for about 2 and a half months and feeling very tired latley , but when i take a pregnancy test its coming up negative , i am really confused as i dont no if i am pregnant as my mother was the same as me it didnt come up on tests with her till she… Read more »
8 years 7 months ago

Hi susy g,
what did you find? Im having exactly the same problems. 2 days period around 18th of sept, and since then ive been having cramps and boobs have been sore/sensitive/bigger. all tests points to neg. I just did a blood test at the hospital, result in 2 days, im confused!

8 years 7 months ago

Hey im 25 weeks pregnant… and i just wanted to answer some questions… it might not help yall but i hope it does.. before my period was supposed to come, my breast were sore… and normaly that happens when its close. well i didnt think anything of it until after a week of a missed period. Well i took the test and bam, positive. SO if you are having these problems and had a light period, please go to the doctor if you can.

8 years 7 months ago

I had sex ‘n week ago, we did not use a condom but we did the withdrawal. No my breast is so sore. I can’t even look at them. Round about when does the breast begin to hurt if you are pregnant?

Susy G
8 years 7 months ago

Hello all, Im sort of confused. My breasts have been sore and very tender to touch for the last 3 weeks. They also seem to have gotten bigger and heavier. Idont think Im preggo since I had a late- short period on the 9th. Normally the tenderness goes away once Aunt flo arrives but this time, its sticking around, and its intensified. Preggo is possible but Im not really convinced, what else could this be?

8 years 8 months ago

hey Im 14 weeks pregnant and I dont look pregnant at all Except that my boobs have grown a bit, but the other day I noticed I was already leaking colustrum. I looked it up online and it says thats not supposed to happen until im 5-6 months pregnant. Should I be worried?

8 years 8 months ago

Hey I’m 23 and I’m havin some iissues I’ve neva had sore breast eva before or after my periods until my second breast hurt bad. I’ve seen my doctor, first he said I might not be ovulating, then he said my estrogen levels probly high and causin pain I been ttc for 5 months and still nothin, can my sore breast really be a sighn of not ovulating?

8 years 10 months ago
Hi, I am 16 and me and my fiance use the pull out method. Except one time when he didnt pull out… &ever since then my breasts have been majorly sore, I can walk and they hurt. My mom thinks its from me bra being to small, but it fits perfect. I get headaches everyday &thats normal for me. Doctors dont know whats wrong with me there. But lately they have been worse than before. Every now and then my lower back hurts. I have not missed my period yet, Its supposed to be in a week. &im afraid that… Read more »
8 years 10 months ago

I use condoms all the time, my breasts hurt like hell and smelling everything hardkore. Negative test. Is there a “too early” stage to test for pregnancy?

8 years 11 months ago

i missed my periods in last month which should be on 20th May.i had sex with my boyfriend on 13th May.My Previous period date was 22nd of April.still i didn,t get my breasts are paining when i touch them,are become bit larger than body ache or morning sickness.please help me to find that am I pregnant or not

9 years 17 days ago

I am a mother already, so I have been through a pregnancy before. My husband and I use condoms, and one broke about 2 weeks ago…. Now my boobs are sooooo sore! Here we go again……….

9 years 1 month ago
Hey everyone, was just reading all these questions and comments…one thing that I will say that may help is that breast soreness on the sides can be from weight loss/gain, hormonal changes (either in pregnancy or not), or many other factors that you shouldn’t be concerned about. but an Ob/Gyn is always happy to make you an appointment (I am not a doctor, I am a 27 year old woman who has been pregnant so many times that my doctors treat me like a lab rat lol! One thing that I tell my family and friends is how we, as… Read more »
9 years 1 month ago
I am 20 years old. On the first of January I found out I was pregnant, 4 weeks later I miscarried. My period did not return till 7 weeks later the 5th of March. Two weeks after that around the 20th I have been having sore breast. Not my entire breast however, just on the sides which is very sore. My back has been aching but not on the bottom on the top and I have been having headaches. Not any food cravings and im always a little moody :). My nipples are somewhat tender, they have never been tender… Read more »

[…] Ouch! My Breasts! | Health & Safety | Baby, Pregnancy, and … […]

9 years 2 months ago

My nipples i sore i didnt have my periods for two months now i didnt use any injection for birth or pills for two yrs now what wrong wit my body plz answer me i already take pregnant test its negative

9 years 3 months ago

hi, i got my wisdom teeth removed a week ago i took prednisone only one day, now am late 3 days on my period my breast are really sore,swollen and tender! anybody knows if the medication cause this? or i may b pregnant??

9 years 4 months ago

i had received some spotting jan 3 my periods are irregular and im wondering culd i be pregnant?

9 years 4 months ago

hi!! i got my period on the 4th of january. but 5 days ago i started having severe headaches, back aches, breast pain, mausea. i cant eat or smell anything. i feel very weak. and btw my period was weird this month. the 1st day there was very little blood but on the 2nd it was tooooooooo much and then on the 3rd it stopped. but i usually get my period for 5 days. so…. is it possible i am pregnant?

9 years 4 months ago

re: Rick, no sperm can’t go through clothes, especially if you both had your pants on.

9 years 4 months ago

hi.. i have a quick question.. can sperm go through clothes? my girlfriend and i were making out in my car.. only making out.. and i was just wondering if someone could get pregnant even if we had our clothes on.. she told me a few days later that her breasts were aching and thinks that its possible that she might be pregnant.. oh .. idk if age has anything to do with the aching but just in case .. she is 18

9 years 5 months ago

i have been having unprotected sex for seven months now. I have never gotten pregnant nor have had any irregular periods. I am due to have my period in a week now, and am having a lot of breast pain. That is not normal for me, nor am I having any of the tell tale signs of my period starting. Do you think it’s possible that I’m pregnant and tests just wont show it yet?

Ms. D
9 years 5 months ago

My breasts are also swollen and they hurt like—-!!!!
I had a positive pregnancy test a month ago but my quant numbers declined from 800 to 200 over a week period. doctor said it could be a miscarriage in progress. I am also bleeding a little, not heavily at all. can someone give some advice?

9 years 5 months ago

YES! you can get pregnant without a period I stopped having a period at 15 told i was never going to get pregnant at 18 i found out i was 3 months pregnant I did not have period again until after i had my son! Doctors to this day can not explain it. BUT its very possiable!

9 years 6 months ago

i am 13 weeks pregnant and have no soreness in my breast except my nipple itches from time to time and thyve only grew a little

9 years 8 months ago

Hi I am 16 and I am 9 weeks pregnant; My breast have grew a little bit and I get a headache almost everyday; My back is killing me and going back and forth up and down the steps everyday is just making my back and everything else hurt by the end of the day.

Audree Gould
9 years 8 months ago

I’m 24yrs old and I have a 4 year old son and a 8mo old daughter. I breast fed both children for about 8-10 wks after I had them but for some reason always seemed to dry up after that and had to bottle feed. But this time, oddly enough, I get a wet spot or two on my shirt or bra. Is this normal even though I’ve already dried up? *Thanks for listening. Can’t wait to get a reply!*

[…] (false pregnancy), often show symptoms of pregnancy, such as amennorrhoea, morning sickness, tender breasts and a distended abdomen. Some women may feel quickening, or fetal movement. (This article gives a […]

9 years 9 months ago
can someone give any ansewrs to my question that keeps bothering me for a week now,please!!!!! im 2 weeks late already and no sign of my period yet except im suffering from a very tender and swollen breast,really gives me discomfort with my everday routine coz in a little move i always feel the pain and much worst my breast got bigger than usual and it force me to buy new bra to fit… my question is i always feel the tenderness of my breast same as before my period comes but what im suffering now is much getting worst… Read more »
9 years 9 months ago

no it does not always mean ur prego, try taking a ept first before a appointment. if u get back weird results consult a doctor, u can definetly tell when ur prego. ur body feels different and some people have nausea some don’t some have extremely sore breast, some don’t hurt till later months.

9 years 9 months ago

i have a question i have not had my period this month but there is two days left n this month . does this mean that i’m pregnant ? or does this just mean my cycle is changeing. i have been having headaches n my breast are somewhat sore n i have been nausous. but the thing is i need some answers b4 i make a doc appointment..
please help
thanks n advance, sunshine

9 years 9 months ago

I really want to know something… I am on what I think is my period.. One day it was really heavy with little bit clumps.. My breast usually quit hurting as soon as I start my time but they are killing me right now.. Please people email me… I really need to know.. my husband and I are trying but its just weird and has been after my stillborn daughter in 2007.. please help..

9 years 10 months ago

About 1 week after ovulation my breasts began to feel sore and have been sore each day since. It’s been a over week now. Usually, ‘IF’ my breasts get sore, it’s about 2-3 days prior to my cycle beginning. My breasts feel fuller, heavier and sore. I should have started 2 days ago. So…we’re thinking we are pregnant but don’t know for sure yet. Will wait a few more days.

9 years 10 months ago

Hi, To the girl that was talking about Whiteish Clear Substance coming out of her breast… That is normal. It is called collestrum and it is a substance that your body makes before the milk comes.

Hope this was helpful =]

9 years 11 months ago

Oh yeah and stop stressing that makes it ten times harder its sure to happen in due time.

9 years 11 months ago

I am also 24 years old and for along time i had irregular periods and thougt that i was infertile. I have been with my fiance for 5 years and we never use condoms or birth control and after 5 years of trying i am three months pregnant with that being said maybe its just not your time. All i can say is go see a doc and make sure everythings good wit your body and if it is keep trying and its sure to happen some of need more time than others good luck n best wishes.

9 years 11 months ago
I am 24yrs old and my LMP was May 13th, however, it lasted for only one day. Prior to that, my LMP was April 30th. I only had 8 days between the two periods and since then I havent menstrated. It has been 5 weeks since my last period. My breasts arent tender, but my nipples are extremely sensitive and sore. I went to the hospital on May25th for a severe headache and the pregnancy test was neg. I had blood workup at my reg docs June 1st and never heard any news of being pregnant. I wonder if I… Read more »

[…] body, whether they have ever been pregnant or not. A woman’s thighs, hips, buttocks, and breasts are all common places that they can be found. But what are they, what causes them, and is there […]

[…] there are so many changes in your body it can be hard to keep up with them. You feel bloated, your breasts are changing, and you may also have a constant vaginal discharge. Generally, while discharge is […]

9 years 11 months ago

Hi, I’m only 32 weeks pregnant and my baby has dropped, and I feel so much pressure when I walk. what should I do?

10 years 2 days ago

I am 8 weeks

Does the breast pain ever stop and will they be big now forever

10 years 11 days ago

i am 13 weeks pregnant and have no soreness in my breast except my nipple itches from time to time and thyve only grew a little

10 years 12 days ago

Actually you can get pregnant without having a period. I am 36 weeks pregnant right now and I got pregnant after not having a period for 6 months.
The reason for not having a period for so long is that I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome. But I can assure you that YES you can get pregnant without having a period!!!!

10 years 16 days ago

I believe that u can not have a baby without a preriod.. The whole purpose or a menstraul cycle is to release eggs so they can be fertilized..

10 years 22 days ago

can a you have a baby eithout a period does any one know

10 years 26 days ago

Its normal to have milk for a while,i gave birth in 2001 and still have milk today,im preggers again so i have lots more and sore boobys too

10 years 2 months ago

hi i am 21 yrs old pregnant at 12 weeks with first baby and i felt a burn in my niples and when i looked my breast it was
leaking no milk but a liquid like water or something is that normal?today they fine.thank you!

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