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Ouch! My Breasts!

An early sign of pregnancy, during the first trimester, are swollen or sore breasts. This can begin as early as a week after conception, often before a woman ever misses her period. The breasts might become larger, tender, and ache when they are touched. But what causes this tenderness?

A woman’s breasts are made up of fat, tissue, blood, and milk glands and their sole purpose is for breastfeeding. It is just a coincidence that the men seem to like women’s breasts as much as the babies do.

When a woman gets pregnant her breasts immediately start preparing to feed that baby nine months down the road. Extra blood begins to run through them and the milk glands grow, causing the swelling and pain that a woman might feel. A woman’s breasts will continue to grow throughout pregnancy, although the tenderness should fade after the first trimester. It is normal for a woman’s breasts to be 2-3 cup sizes bigger by the time her baby comes and she begins nursing.

Swollen and sore breasts do not necessarily mean that a woman is pregnant. Many women experience some swelling and tenderness in their breasts every month right before their period comes, or even at ovulation. Sore breasts can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance or starting, stopping, or changing birth control pills midway through a cycle. When in doubt, be sure to call your doctor.

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10 years 2 months ago
hi i am 36 years old and have 4 boys,I breast fed all.My youngest will be 2 and i stopped nursing him 9 months ago.Everything has been back to normal but i finished period 2 weeks ago,just before i got it my breast were really sore and i had milk like fluid come out.Took test 1 came back positive but faint and other negative then got period.Breast were okay,now my breast are sore agin and have the milk coming out and it feels like my uterus is almost contracting.Don;t know what to think am i maybe going through early menopause?Got… Read more »
10 years 3 months ago

Hi…my husband and I ALWAYS used the withdrawal method and sure enough I became pregnant a little over a year after we got married. I also read something that said if people do it that way there is a good chance you will get pregnant within a year…so it was pretty accurate for me I guess. I also had 1 period after I got pregnant, but none after that and I had a very healthy baby boy! Hope this helps!

10 years 3 months ago
I am on my period now, my breast normally hurt, but what’s odd this time is my breast though swollen as ususal are paining me underneath my armpits. Can I be pregnant? My husband and I don’t use condoms we only use the Withdrawl method as unpredictable as that is. Now he calculates and has it down to a science and month after month my period arrives right on time or a day or two off. This time I am not flowing heavy. My heaviest days are the first and second day, by the third it’s generally preparing to cease.… Read more »
10 years 4 months ago
When I was pregnant with both of my kids (I am pregnant how), I had sore breasts a week before I was to start, my lower back hurt, I was urinating more and I had regular mentrual cramps. And for the girl who is 25 weeks and breasts are leaking, yes, it happens. I was 26 weeks and leaned up against a cold washing machine, and it started to leak. Welcome to motherhood! Just a word of advice, after you have your baby, don’t let anyone hug you too hard, or press up against you, because you, and they will… Read more »
10 years 4 months ago

dont know why my breast are sore after taking fertilitie treatment please assist on the causesthat the treatment might have

10 years 4 months ago

hi there thank u for the site very helpfull just want to add to the girls that it does not mena u have a peiod u are not pregnant
i had a baby 6 years ago and i was pregnant and still had my periods one month into pregnansy so always go test yourself to make sure

10 years 4 months ago

im 25weeks pregnant and noticed 1 of my breat has leaked a tiny bit is this normal?

10 years 4 months ago

Instead of going online to ask complete strangers if you may be pregnant. Noone will know for sure if you are pregnant. The best way to find out is to see a doctor or to take a pregnancy test a week after your missed period.

10 years 5 months ago

Hi, my breasts have been sore for 2 weeks now, I am not a complainer by any means but I rarely have sore breasts and I am wondering why they hurt sooo bad and why is it only on the outer side of the breast (by my arms and underneath?
Any help would be appreciated.

10 years 6 months ago

For the past few weeks now i’ve had sore breats, nauseous, backaches, headaches, stomach cramps, dizzyness and my breasts have increased a whole cup size in almost 5 days. I’ve had a test done but they said it was too early to tell and it came up negative. everyone i know keeps saying its not possible or very unlikely to happen but i’m worried because these aren’t my normal symptoms of my period.

i need help considering my age and considering the cirmumstances. Am i really pregnant or am i just over reacting???

help would be great!

10 years 6 months ago

For the past 2 weeks now, I have had cramping feelings in my lower back, my breasts are swollen and are very tender, and i keep feeling nauseous but I’m not getting sick. I have not bought a test yet because I rather not if I’m only over reacting. But I am worried because a few people have joked with me and asked if I were because of my symptoms. A little help here would be great!

10 years 7 months ago

hi,  i have a prolem, i am24 years old, i had sex 7 days ago, ok my story is qt funny. i had sex 7 days ago and am preety sure my boyfrnds sprm dint go in cus wen he tried puting it in, i reffsd so he dccded to make it stay on the srface of my ********. am wrried cus for 7  2 days now after  i had that , my  left nipples lhurt. so am warrid if i may be  pregnant.

[…] back, or may only be in your upper back. By the time you come to the end of your pregnancy, your breasts have grown and weigh approximately 5 pounds more than they did before you got pregnant. Your upper […]

10 years 10 months ago

I have a question, I am 26 years old. My baby is 12 months old. The other day I felt something wet on my shirt, it was breast milk. Is this nomal for breast milk to still leak after a year?
Thank you. Concern!

10 years 10 months ago

this is 1 helluva site

10 years 11 months ago

you guys are doing a great work thank mothers appreciate you

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