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Being Tired During Pregnancy

During the first trimester a woman often feels very fatigued. Shortly after she gets out of bed, or even right upon waking, she may have the urge to just lie down and go back to sleep. Many women will begin taking naps during the day because they are so tired, or going to bed hours earlier than normal to try to fight the fatigue.

Why is being so tired so common in the first trimester? When a woman first gets pregnant, and the egg implants in the uterus, the body starts working twice as hard. The egg is multiplying in size daily, the uterus is growing, the breasts are growing, and the body is left feeling tired and worn out. Because pregnancy is a huge change for a woman’s body, feeling tired is expected.

During the second trimester however a woman generally gets a break. At this point, the baby’s organs and limbs are formed, and the heart is beating, so the body doesn’t have to work quite as hard to sustain the pregnancy. A woman gets her energy back and doesn’t feel as tired anymore. It is definitely a stage of pregnancy a woman should enjoy.

With the third trimester in full force, a woman starts to feel tired again. By this point the baby is just growing and the uterus starts growing more rapidly, putting a lot of strain on the woman’s body. Normal everyday activities can leave a woman feeling tired, as well as the extra last minute preparations and shopping she will be doing as the baby gets closer to its due date. She will find that she is back to taking naps daily, or at least wanting to take naps daily, as well as going to bed earlier, and sleeping in later.

It gets worse! If you think you are tired now, just wait until after the baby arrives! Try to rest as much as you can before the baby is born, because sleep may become a distant memory for the first few months of a baby’s life.

If you feel extremely tired and do not believe you are pregnant, there are other reasons why you may feel fatigued. Stress and depression can cause a woman to feel like she wants to sleep all the time. Physical exhaustion can also be a cause. If you are sick, or are getting a cold, you might find that you are more tired as well. If you are unsure, contact your doctor.

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