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Smart Baby Shopping

Babies are expensive! That is a fact that everyone knows and agrees on. Babies start costing parent’s money from the first time they step in a baby store, until they go off to college, and many times for years after that. There are several things you can do however to save yourself money early on.

smart-baby-shopping.jpgDon’t Start Shopping Too Early
The sooner you start to shop for your baby the more you will spend. It is like an addiction. As soon as you buy that first cute outfit, you want to go buy another and another. You buy one toy and then you see another toy that you just have to have. The longer you wait the less money you will spend before the baby is born.

Hit the Sales
When you are shopping for baby, go to the back of the stores and hit the sales racks. You can often find great baby clothes at a huge discount. If you get a coupon, use it to make your savings even bigger. Watch the ads and shop smart.

Buy Big
When hitting sales racks you will often find that the clothes available are for the season you have just passed. This is a great opportunity to buy clothes that will fit your baby the next time summer or winter comes around. You can even buy for several years. The more clothes you buy for your baby now, the less he will need later.

Garage Sales
Garage sales can be a great place to buy cheap used baby clothing and toys. Babies often outgrow things so quickly, especially during the first year that you can find clean and sometimes brand new baby clothes for pennies on the dollar. You can even get used baby gear much cheaper at garage sales. Be sure to always check out recall lists for any toys that you buy your baby before you let your baby use it in order to keep your baby safe. Also, don’t forget to completely clean and sanitize any item you buys used from a garage sale.

Wait For Gifts
Before you start spending your money on expensive baby items and clothing that will add up for your baby consider what gifts you will get. You are likely to get gifts of clothing, gear and diapers from friends and family, especially if you have a baby shower, and all these gifts are items that you will not have to buy. Many times it will be family that buys the big items saving your pocket book from the huge dents that strollers and pack-n-plays can cause.

Choose the Best Toys
When shopping for toys, remember that your baby does not need EVERYTHING made for a baby. Your baby can quickly become over stimulated when offered too many choices. Be choosy when shopping and pick out the best toys that you think your baby will use. No need to buy multiple items in different colors or patterns. If you choose the best and what your child needs then you will save money in the long run.

Spend More, Get More
There are huge price differences in items like car seats and strollers on the market. Like anything else, most of the time the level of quality on an item is shown by the price of the item. This doesn’t mean that the lower priced choices are bad or dangerous, just that in many cases the higher priced items will hold up better and last longer. If it is possible in your budget, try to steer clear from the least expensive big baby items. In many cases it will mean that you have to replace the item less frequently or sometimes not at all, saving you money down the road.

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